The Best Kept Secrets of The Dollar

Some things only make sense when you connect the dots.
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  • DJCosmicRift

    I think you're a little too naive and ignorant to believe we're in chains. There are obvious problems with the way our society is ran, but you act as if these problems are new. The world has always had rich people and poor people. There have always been bankers to loan and people to borrow. Unless we revert to a prehistoric society like cave men, we will never not have a need for money. Although there is the idea of a supplemental income, but I doubt that would ever work. I'm going to assume you're American because of your accent and the tidbits of details you told that make me think you're American. I think you should go see the world and see how terrible some other countries are. To this day, people are still being born into a caste system, real poverty and slavery. More than likely they will never see what great things we have in America. Many people want to come to America because they see how good we have it here. I don't think you truly realize just how terrible other places are to live and that's because you don't understand just how fast our nation developed in the last 100 years.

    I understand that you don't like the banks, but in all reality you, someone you know, or someone whom you've never met has borrowed money to create your lifestyle. The shoes you wear, the food you eat, the place you sleep, and even the piece of gum you chew were almost guaranteed to have been the result of borrowed money. You owe your entire life to debt and if you haven't realized it yet, let me spell it out for you. Debt is a privilege! You're lucky to be able to borrow money, invest it, and turn it back around into more money. That's the beauty of capitalism and it works for the people who want it to work for them. You can be mad and upset about the "rules" and "slavery" but just remember that tonight someone's going to die from starvation. You on the other hand will be eating a nice meal and will more than likely wash it down with a soda.

    Our life is far from perfect but take note that you've got a computer, camera and some time on your hands to go ranting about the system that's keeping you alive while others are foraging for food that they won't find.

  • CariagaXIII

    printing money is only illegal when you are not the bank

  • neTe

    Song/ Artist anyone?

  • Active Process

    did anonymous steal this?

  • thrashersfv

    It's oddly funny to hear Americans complaining about their enslavement, evil corrupt conspiracies, worthless currency and economic collapse while driving cars, living in homes and owning toys half the world's population could never even dream of. Billions don't even have a toilet or reliable source of potable water and arrogant, ignorant Americans fret about the slick and sneaky banking system that made them fat, spoiled, indulgent and utterly clueless about how their typical standard of living differs from MOST of the rest of the world. Americans have earned the distinction of being history's biggest assholes.

  • 2015CricketWorldCup

    E X P O S E D

  • Ragnorak Sora

    Simply solution: screw the dollar and find currency of real value like water, its more scarce and valuable then shitty ink on paper.

  • Jolt Eagle

    This one deserves infinite resharing.
    Think and re-think along
    these lines and fixing the problem presented and we will have
    exponential progress. This is at the root of the chaos of the world. Not
    all problems, especially on this degree, are to be overturned literally
    [at least not by you alone in particular], rather, in principle to what
    degree you can. What social underlying diseased fear-hysteria, anti-empathic, anti-sustainability, and ego-narcissism complexes prop up and perpetuate this type of global blood money system?
    Live and encourage living in such a way that at the least
    subconsciously punctures that normality. That's the principle. From the
    principle lead into maturity in instinct and conviction, then comes
    practice and discipline to express the art into intuitive-perfection so
    as to then mold into real changes that progress further and further with
    what you can actually do for sure and then on and on eventually hitting
    exponential jumps in influence. The last thing a fish realizes is that it's wet.
    The height of intelligence is to be so in tune with reality that you
    realize this first. Such a level of intelligence is not easy to maintain
    nor obtain due to factors of public school and job system environmental
    heavy indoctrination, stockholm syndrome, social-engineering shown in
    the asch conformity experiment and the skinner's box, homeostasis
    confirmation bias, actual physical danger in being a 'political' or
    religious dissident, and cognitive dissonance.

  • adrianos bougas

    what is the music?

  • boodabill

    Looks like a sadomasochistic dynamic. The bankers dictate the terms and you get tied up or physically beaten if you don't comply. The consumers simply have to take it.

  • kingofthepaupers

    4:10 The bank can lend out 10 times the deposit.
    Jct: No it can't. That's the Jerry Voorhis error. A fractional reserve bank can lend out a fraction of the deposit, which gets redeposited permitting another loan of a fraction of that, on and on until the total loans approach 10 times. But there are also now 10 times deposits. New chips. So a deposit of $100 in a 10% reserve system allows the loan of $90, not $900. The rest is great. Keep up the good work. SmartestManOnEarth.Ca/bankmath for high-tech analysis. Professor of Banking Systems Engineering grades this a solid A worthy of sharing.

  • MindSet’sAThreat

    The specter of unemployment is more terrifying for most people than the prospect of spending 50 years of their life preforming menial tasks within the compounds of florescent lit cubicle- Burn

  • Fèlix

    Everything explained on here you can feel it and see it on Shrooms.
    You would not only learn this, but things that go deeper than our universe and galaxy.

  • Gang Jah

    forgot about JFK ?

  • Quinton Beaudry

    A lil to wet on the effect, lil hard on the ears my friend, awesome vid tho, I wish everyone would watch this vid..
    Been following you from the start, you are to smart for your own good, good thing the world knows who you are now, so you can't easily just be offed now. Stay safe brother, more then a few years behind us and hopefully more content to come. Not even close to the first time I've seen this. First time with this acc tho lol

  • Belly Boy

    A big ol ponzi scheme

  • Taz

    I'd love to re-post this, but could you re-post without the unbearable voice effect?

  • Wopey

    Hm, Looks like I was right all along.