“TEH RUSIANZ!” Clinton surrogate denies Wikileaks publications

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  • playloud247

    What is it with Dem cucks and their hate of Russia? Did a Russian guy fuck one of their wives or daughters or something? Jesus…

  • TheDavidDaoud

    There is no evidence or proof that "The Russians" had anything to do with hacking of Clinton emails and giving them to Wikileaks.
    "At the encouragement of Donald Trump"…such a liar!
    No Evidence.
    No Proof.
    Yet, in this video, both of them speak as if it's an established fact.

  • M Barber

    so the DNC keeps saying "The intelligence committee has confirmed the Russians stole it."

    where tf is the proof?

  • Ty Manning

    I guess if Clinton wins we can expect a pointless war with Russia.

  • Amy Skinner

    they were stolen yes are they not true?

  • C. Jester

    Not saying the $12M is wrong… just that the Russians were involved in the leak… uh, OK? Not denying = its true

    Loved him calling out the hypocrisy of using the stolen Trump tax return info

  • Die Marxism

    Robby Mook is a total tool and shill I would gladly press the button if he was on the electric chair.

  • clwade10

    Smug douchebag…. Who cares if the emails were stolen.. Truth is truth

  • Loki Owl

    What is it with Clinton people and their shit-eating grins when confronted with damning evidence against them?

  • Artemis •

    Do they really think we are that dumb…Really?

  • James Stokes

    You know what really sends chills down my spine is the fact that Hillary brokered a deal to sell 20% of our U.S. uranium stockpiles to Russia. Just how stupid are we? We give Iran money to fund terrorist against us and sell Russia the material needed to make nuclear munitions that can be used to wipe us out entirely.

  • JazzAUPH

    Let me get this straight, it's ok that somebody stole Trump's tax info, but it's not ok for somebody to steal Clinton's emails? Ok got it.

  • afr malatesta

    He lied. It has NOT been confirmed that the Russians are behind wiki- leaks…Get him out..Cancer keeps spreading in this regine

  • 9932 9896

    The Russian's killed my 18yr. old dog last year, they also blew out the tyre on my car in 2012, they burnt my toast yesterday.

  • Trevor R

    if they keep throwing "russian" around like that we will be at war very very soon! I dont understand how the fact that the russians leaked the information would make the information any less true.

  • Lysa Varm

    I wonder if he believes what he says, he doesn't look stoned so maybe he is just naive, like millions more 0-0.