TED comparison: Feminist speakers vs Sam Harris

the new TED feminist/SJW speakers compared with an Sam Harris TED speech, (see how much different these clips are and how much TED has change over the years).

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  • Jim Russell

    TEDx is a joke. Has done so much damage to the TED brand.

  • sonofkabisch

    Small Minds Discuss People; Average Minds Discuss Events; Great Minds Discuss Ideas

  • Mark Roth

    The woman complaining about how rich she wouldn't be if she followed her passion of being a professional soccer player. She obviously didn't like playing soccer if thats her go to excuse for not pursuing a career in it. I studied to be a chef. Would it be ok for me to give up doing what I liked because I wouldn't make as much as tv personality chefs after college?

    We are entitled to nothing professionally except minimum wage. I work hard for every penny I earn and people like this woman disgust me. I know I could make more doing other things but I do what I love and at the end of the day I can always be proud of the work I do.

  • Space Jazz

    Deplorable upload, neither Sam nor TED have anything to do with your bullshit anti-feminist agenda.

  • Elemental Soul

    That speaker is amazing can I please get a link and his name?

  • Safespace Invader

    God, I fucking hate nowadays.

  • Beastly

    This is a little pathetic, this idolization.

  • blake allan

    what the fuck are these cunts going on about , get a cock up ya and die you whining bitches

  • Koen van Amerongen

    Sam Harris is the single best mind of our time

  • The True Fizz

    To be fair, they were all TEDx talks, not TED talks. But even the average TED talk isn't what it used to be.

  • HighIQuit

    Brilliant video especially with sam at the end. Thank you.

  • Kongersmin Froge

    "I'll never be as rich as that little 7 year old girl wanted to be"….. Are 7 years old kids really thinking about the economic feasibility of their aspirations? She must have been just as miserable as a child as she is now.