TalkingStickTV – Michael C. Ruppert – Crossing the Rubicon – Part I

Part I of a talk by Michael C. Ruppert author of “Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil” given January 15, 2005 at Kane Hall, UW Campus Seattle.

Part II of this talk at

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  • Ancient

    RIP brother.

  • Francisco Guerreiro

    You´ll always be present Michael C. Ruppert. Thanks for all your work..

  • Spencer Grange

    America, because of the people in power who are supposedly looking after you, they are in fact making your country a complete mess and i feel the majority of you have stopped caring about the way you live, why are you are letting that happen to you ??
    they are taking your bill of rights 1689  do something… Sheep  

  • Justgivemethetruth

    LOL, finally a purpose for the obesity epidemic … thermal depolymerization … throw in a man and get out 30 liters of high-quality oil!  Wow.

  • BrettL64

    Thanks for your research. RIP Mr. Ruppert

  • thibor firenz

    the lose of mike is a major blow to many of us personaly and to the anti globalist movement as a whole
    we must all now strive even harder to carry this important work 
    we have lost one of the giants whose shoulders we all stand on

  • Ben Thejrporter


  • Mark Cob

    Mr. Ruppert, you are a beacon of hope & truth shining on this dark pit of deceit & evil formerly known as the US Government.

  • genericfacelessuser

    saying we've used half the oil in the earth is kind of ignorant. How does he know what's left in the ground? new oil fields are being found weekly, now. Canadian
    tar-sands. the middle east is floating on a sea of the stuff. then there's the "reserves" here in the US & Alaska that we refuse to pump out of the ground.
    'just sayin'

  • Celtic Barb

    He is on FB but full of friends now so you have to find his page or follow him to see him.

  • Kennedyand King

    Funny peak oil is scam, and the word is there is more below than we could ever use in many, many, many, generation's What better way to drive fear, and the nuclear industry than by this vehicle of P.O. 

  • MegaHouseGuy

    Peak oil means you are now using more than what you are discovering to replace what you've just used…. I guess you can understand that huh?! The well producing 1-2 pints a day is irrelevant there are thousands and thousands of wells that could produce small amounts of oil like the one you mention. It's the all mighty dollar that says that such wells get shut in. They cost more to produce the small amount then they are worth so the well is shut in. Your well is likely freeflowing so who cares.

  • Shock Advised! (Alex)

    this was BEFORE the 2008 collapse……….too many people, too much demand/not enough left, chaos is coming…..get prepared people

  • 9ner

    Interesting, another youtube user making hasty generalizations, without sound propositions, to ensure a probable cause for conspiracy. 


    We think only within a restricted frame. Yes, peak oil is here already and yes if nothing replaces what oil does for us we will have big problems sooner than later. Nikola Tesla found unlimited sources of free energy. The answer to this energy shortage is likely to come from the Schumann cavity. Not used now as JP Morgan said to Tesla "If I cannot put a counter on this, I am not interested"…