Sue Everatt talk at TEDx about The Venus Project and RBE

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  • Cardiff Gerhardt

    Yeah… this doesn't do justice for The Venus Project and a Resource Based Economy. She's talking to people about the future using 90's clip art. She opened with half a tune that immediately shuts some people down..
    TVP adopt me into your group and I'll spark a global movement. Call me: (801) 557-2739

  • Ryan Flint

    Idk this idea seams fishy. A perfect utopia where all problems are solved but is actually a terrible place kind of thing. We wouldn't have jobs in this system or really, any purpose at all. And I'm afraid that it is simply impossible for all nations to come together and work for this. And this does involve a lot of new technologies that need to be perfected for this to work. Also, why does science need to have more funding than everything else. Sure it has a purpose but I wouldn't say that it is science which makes everyone's lives better and improves the economy and such. Overall though it is an interesting idea worth thinking about.

  • Shashank Gogoi

    Amazing video. Thank you for doing what you do Sue. May we all seek inspiration by your efforts.

  • Corey Doyle

    I love the talk. Always great to see TVP actively promoting it's ideas, and with a new speaker I've not seen before. Though I'd suggest you research the more recent anthropological studies on bartering economy. We've actually never found any anthropological evidence that barter came before money, or even that it formed the basis of trade for any society. Quite the contrary in fact, we've found ancient stone tablets related to credit and debt in Mesopotamia.

  • mrjonno

    Abrahmists would hate this.  Sorry to be controversial but this is largely why the planet Earth and the life upon it faces such turmoil – ignorant patriarchal power through culture.  Men are not necessarily strong nor are they likely to be smarter than women.

    Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph have made the argument in technical terms.  Sue makes the argument in compassionate and rational terms.  Lots of issues to be resolved in the path to sustainability but empowerment of women globally is key.  Women are far more likely to take on board options for survival through rationale instead of conflict.  Education through promotion of critical thinking is humanity's way out of superstition based poverty and ignorance.

  • Spencer Clark

    Plan for a small tiny-house community based in Ohio with circular setup like the Venus Project

  • Spencer Clark

    Only deal is protecting the whole system from something natural like the Carrington event in 1859.

  • Justin Taylor

    Yea she is right to a point

  • bpansky

    @ about 1:55
    "in a monetary system, it's not interesting to have an abundance of anything because the more there is of something, the cheaper it becomes."

    What a pointless statement.  Their whole attitude towards money is pointless and completely wrong.

    There are plenty of cheap things.  So the sentence is pointless.  Other things that are not currently cheap would be cheap too, if the conditions were right.

    The Venus Project has a vision that probably matches how a society one day will be…but it will occur naturally when the robots are developed etc. it takes time for the future to happen.

  • bpansky

    "I'll tell everyone that they all look like a clued in audience so that I can lie to you about the emperor's clothes being visible to the wisest in the land"

    This person doesn't understand money.  Anything you can do "without money", you can do with money.  Except if you have already managed to make money redundant, like on the desert island, and other situations.

    So it's backwards to try to get rid of money first.  It's pointless.  Even mentioning "getting rid of money" is entirely pointless and only serves as a distraction.

  • gpecote

    For all you doubters, skeptics, negative, down players, know it all, blind and arrogant people out there…. Think about this, if a person in the 10th century would have tried to explain a vision of the world we have today, guaranteed they would have encountered people reacting with skepticism the same way we do today.

    Like for instance Galileo was imprisoned by the Inquisition of heresy for saying that earth was not at the center of the universe.

    The problem is not that we can't create this type of society, the problem is that many people simply can't imagine it. They can't step outside of their own limited knowledge and understanding to see the possibilities of what we could create simply because we are too insecure and sincerely fear to admit that we don't know or don't understand.

    Look at the world today, look at the amazing things we've already created. It's all a matter of openness and willingness to go for it. Come on people stop living in fear because fear that is killing everything and everyone around us.


  • Be Good

    Well done, very good ideas to help our sick societies, and to those who criticize everything and new ideas , please watch news, to see  what is going on in the world

  • Kylian Sunn

    She is just parroting the same lecture Fresco gives every time about the venus project. Word by word…

  • General Nobleman

    So you're just going to use the natural resources as a free piggy bank for your funding to make the robots and housing project & clubs? Let me guess whose going to be the government? You? OK I get it! Something like  Hunger Games 3. And what happens to the bankers, politicians & government? You're going to leave them jobless? Ha right. Selling the same crap in a new package aren't you? Next Enron anyone? Another NWO preacher again … yawn. Good luck trying to shut down Political system, Banks, Wall Street and in general, the Economy old lady!

  • BarrySlisk

    It baffles the mind why people STILL believe in communism after a whole century of experiment and missery.

  • Bruno trecemundos

    Please TVP Italy, insert the spanish, english and portugues subtitles, that are finised yet in Amara 😉

  • ColdBoi

    I really wish one country would just decide to take on the Venus Project Model, I'd move there and go help build it anyway I can.