StormCloudsGathering is Under Attack – Major Changes Coming

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  • MegF

    I think you could get volunteers for researching news, who agree with your skeptical viewpoint. That alone would save time, as takes effort to keep following and putting together breadcrumbs. If you had someone who could speak other languages, then that would also help provide a wider range of informational gathering. Entire areas of information are difficult to know because of being in another language and not everyone will do translation into English, though Google translate can help on text (doesn't on audio). Still difficult to search in other languages because can't know the keyword (like Arabic, Turkish, Russian, etc.). Languages that aren't even in this same text form as English. Thankfully some are able to type in keywords to search in languages like French and German.

  • Matthew Fodell

    Heartbreaking. Youtube should be fully ashamed of themselves.

  • xXZeroDeathXx

    God bless your family bro the world needs people like you to see thru the bullshit

  • scottsuncrow

    Nice, Stormclouds

  • Nathanael Arumugam

    All of these attacks on free speech are deliberate, highly illegal, unlawful and obviously wrong. Then channels and individuals who are being censored and demonitized, which is, in its self a form of censorship and suppression. Youtube has taken the stance to financially reward channels that entertain, distract and completely mislead the people, their actions are obvious and easy to prove in court, I think that people experiencing this violation of their inherent, inailiable rights to express their views and opinions, which is also enshrined in the FIRST AMENDMENT should and can file civil complaints in federal court. This organized systematic censorship and suppression will not end until the YouTube corporation is ordered to start paying reparations to the people who it is injuring, hopefully the plaintiffs will demand interests in the media outlet so that the very people that are alerting the public will be in positions of greater influence and the people that operate to suppress people's rights to honest and factual information are stripped of theirs. That is what the courts are for, that is what happens in a free and open society, the people who bring value and goodness are compensated which influence and resources and the evil doers are marginalized. Right now the corruption and systemic criminality in society had led to a flip flopping, whereby whistle blowers and honest people are persecuted and white collar criminals have carte blanche to plunder, loot, murder, lie, corrupt, etc etc, the entire U.S. and even the world. Very scaring time we live in, the unprecedented violence and corporate wars is placing the world on an irreversible trajectory or destruction that has been made possible chiefly by the corporate takeover and consolidation of the media into a quasi governmental, corporate, propaganda month piece

  • Stephen Sanchez

    3 words( go fund me)

  • Stephen Sanchez


  • quemquerdinheiro

    make a patreon!

  • Sphene So

    I just found out about this issue, and many youtubers are starting to get de-monetized. This includes news channels, science documentaries and even those giving advice to people who are depressed 🙁

    I hope Youtube is forced by the content creators and the viewers to straighten up their monetary policies. Like making businesses choose which channels they don't like to have their ads to be shown (eg Shampoo ads on How to Clean Septic Tanks). Or something like that :)

  • Deadwing Jockey

    Have you tried making another YouTube channel, that is primarily "Advertiser Friendly" content.?

  • Kim Jong Un

    Go to porn hub

  • Read deeply

    Much has happened in a year. I have mad respect and love for what you & your fam are doing. Thank you.

  • Eduanna

    Everyones freaking out about this right now, what in the world

  • SonyJimable

    Seriously, Fuck YouTube. I'd like to see lots of popular channels experiencing the same hassles simply move to a different platform. Your audience will follow anyway.

    Running off donations isn't viable because at some point they will start removing your videos – which we can see is going to happen. Stop feeding the beast by putting your valued content where it is appreciated and is among friends.


    When +StormcloudsGathering says it nobody cares. 1 year later a vlogger complains about it and everyone loses their minds!

  • Ivan Garcia

    he is telling the truth but they system will break you! when you try to change the system from within, it's not you who changes the system; it's the system that will eventually change you. he will soon not be with us

  • Blighted Ashes

    came here because of what happened to phil defranco