Spend Your Life On Planet Earth – Deek Jackson

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  • Cmrd Knightmarez

    I'm so glad deek jackson spent his life making these sweet as tunes. OH yeah. give it to me. give it to me right though the ear drum on my new phone . Oh yeah baby, don't stop.

  • jose ramirez

    Illuminati,Masons,extraterrestrials,jesuitism,and the rest of fantastic names are just a front name of the real thing all oligarcs know ,but not the common citizen.
    This is a psicological war against all nations fostered by the Chabad the jewish Hasidic ortodox inteligence office to destroy all cultures of the planet after their Satanic black bible "the Talmud".Study this matter folks its very relevant for the occidental culture….There is where this extremist Pharisee jews express their hate towards human kind ,and their love to their supreme God Satan….Go for it research this bloody book and look for yourselves the mental madness this weird freaks got.
    The whole world is in a mess because of their hate towards human kind and poisoned heart , that dont give them peace of mind…Defend yourselves from madness!!!

  • Matthew Williams

    The Tv copverage of brexit is now all doom and gloom… we werent supposed to leave and have it our way. The elites and NWO must be furious. They may try another irelandon us and say YOUR NOT GOING!. Fuck that!

  • insertretardedstuffhere

    The sun isnt big its copyrighted

  • TheBigHyena1

    I wish to help you if I can

  • sky-zoo-phone

    let's spend it:)

  • MrBrakuzytkownika

    Deek Jackson, is it possible to find somewhere written texts of your songs?

  • Mehr Licht – Bitte Lächeln

    o.k 20 . 05 song inbox and yes upgreated new protect box desolè 28.05 diden't in, good sound

  • Steve Newsome


  • Bradly Sweet

    sexy video, mate!

  • Lone Wolf

    AND if you believe your life is elsewhere – in the hereafter – then FKN leave, NOW

  • Joey Bagodonuts

    A bit long at the end. but I absolutely loved the message! Great stuff Veg!

    I want more provocative stuff like this.

  • John Shiva

    Groovy Man Groovy.

  • Random Guy

    This is groovy baby, yeah! =)

  • Balance is Key

    Greetings Deek
    A Bang on Music Piece.

  • truthseekers666

    Are you for Brexit dear Son of Jackson.