Soldiers Please Listen

To be confronted with the fact that you are about to be ordered to commit an atrocity must be extremely uncomfortable. But the consequences of avoiding that confrontation are unacceptable.

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To see how we got into this situation and the real reason why Iran is going to be attacked please watch:
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Oil reserves by country (Iran is 3rd):
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  • The Impartial Truth

    No more wars for Israel.

  • Wary Tenpoint

    …….where are you?………

  • Leib Levine

    Hang traders and Muslim lovers this sound like Tokyo rose Fuck Iran remember 911 the mark of Islam 

  • Leib Levine

    Fuck Iran trader we don't hate Iran we hate there government I ran and Isis must be draped not by pussys like you again fuck you and fuck Islam the religion of death

  • Tim6616

    This creature in woman form is pure evil.

  • ShyanTheLegend

    As an Iranian, your emphasis about the clutches of the US slowly homing into Iran has a massive impact on me. A great video; soldiers should fight for their own personal beliefs and philosophy, not for what their governments tell them to believe.

  • pricture

    Nice video! Also I recommend watching "Thank The Troops For What?" by Larkin Rose and "Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War" by Global Research TV. People in the military are being manipulated just as many of those in Law Enforcement, TSA, NSA, etc, and the masses in general. It's vital we wake up as many as we can, or at least prompt them to re-approach "conspiracy" topics and start questioning the official party line themselves.

  • Dave Underwood

    Clinton sounded like Satan. I hate that bitch.

  • Ianassa91

    Finnish soldier here (if reservists in a conscript country counts, ben deployed in UN peacekeeping though). We are not yet in NATO but propably will be soon, might just be that we join before the shitstorm begins. So I say this: I will not fight in a war where I would be the agressor. That would be a violation of the mission of my nations defence forces now and more importanly, when I swore my oath.

    There, I said it, and now I must keep my word.

  • cruhg

    LOYALTY- To your countrymen, not the establishment.
    DUTY- To uphold the Constitution and defend against injustice.
    RESPECT- Treat all people of this world as you want to be treated. "Be the change you want to see in the world." -Ghandi
    SELFLESS SERVICE- You inspire the people of this nation, whether you do wrong or right. Show them what it means to be an American.
    HONOR- Stand for what you believe is right in your heart and mind. Hold your values above anything, beyond your oath, beyond your life.
    INTEGRITY- When everyone else has strayed show them the way, keep them strong in their resolve.
    PERSONAL COURAGE- Anything in this world worth having is worth fighting for. "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." -Thomas Jefferson
     Leadership. Leaders always stand in front first, and sometimes alone.

  • MunsterSong

    Drive down Sunset Boulevard through Beverly Hills, CA and look at the 50 million dollar private houses owned by rich Jews, especially Persian Jews who have been in the US for less than a generation and you will understand on whose behalf the poor soldiers of the United States military are risking their lives, are suffering debilitating permanent injuries and are dying!  American soldiers are canon fodder and expendable meat for the rich Jews who stealthily run the U.S. government, who  control the largest proportionate interest in world finance and pay invest billions each election to control which politicians in America will be elected – who completely monopolize control over the US television media and the film industry which rewrites and distorts history in their own image – who, with minimal effort can utterly efface and destroy the career of an eminent journalist like Helen Thomas for a single remark about Jewish hypocrisy or an actor like Mel Gibson because Abraham Foxman of the ADL resented his film about Christ.  This propaganda piece missed that important little point, didn't it.


    anti obama propaganda 

  • Mark B

    Foreign men who serve in the armed forces get us citizenship, watch you back

  • the1tigglet

    Completely true, We keep hearing "support our troops support our troops" well we do, but we shouldn't be supporting the wars that our government comes up with for their corporate masters. The war in Afghanistan and other countries have been proven to be all about two things, oil, and because these countries do not have centralized banks that borrow from the world bank system. Iran and Iraq are the only two countries left that have oil and that don't borrow from the established banks. you decide

  • We Deserve Better

    I'd say it's likely even worse than that in a lot of cases… many of the people who sign up for the military are there because they can't find decent work anywhere else and are desperate… combine that with the fact that they are usually taken in by the military propaganda hook line and sinker… waking them up to the point where they'll consider biting the hand the feeds them… let's just say it's a long shot at best.

  • neo nero

    I served before 911, after getting my undergrad degree, because I always felt that serving my country was something I had to do. Had to give back to the nation that gave me so much. Almost rejoined after 911, because I bought the lies too. Upon realizing what has happened to our nation since that time, nothing less than the arrests and judgments of all the complicit officials involved since that time to now, would satisfy me. Sorry for my fallen comrades, who have died under false pretexts. 

  • Louis Foussard

    This needs to be said… and you've said it. It needs to be said again… and again… and again !!



  • jonnycatland1987

    Should of done 8 years of schooling.

  • mini0013xx

    I understand your point clearly, and I actually don't know.

    I feel as though civilization should have a government, but no leaders. There is a problem to this, and would soon become a corporatistic government (Where the big companies own everything) due to TV ads, and then later with bias and emotional appeals rather than facts being advertised everywhere.

    I don't know what the perfect system is, but it'll be achievable over time. Just don't expect it to come in our generation.