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In this interview I talk with Aaron Hawkins AKA StormCloudsGathering on youtube / twitter and facebook. You can also go to his website at:
In this video we discuss Aarons life, his activism, world war 3, collapse of the economy, gold & silver, land, “government,” philosophy, anarcho-capitalism, mutualism, agorism, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Galts Gulch, Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante, Police State, France, Spain. Communes and much much more! LOL!
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  • Cryo

    you look like keem star

  • Luka Smuc

    What hapend to SCG? He hasn't posted a video for 5 months now.

  • Day Dreamer

    He thought he would get a job with an art degree. In a cubicle??? What a total BS claim. LMFAO.

  • Daniel Jones

    What is the point of signing a Non Aggression Principle contract if everyone is armed all the time? A contract is a law that is an agreement between people. The Bill Of Rights was a superb contract or set of laws and they are now invalid. They never were adhered to entirely, and from the start there has been a long progression of exceptions undermining them through the machinations of politics that reveal the bullshit they are, and more or less always have been. The question then is, why didn't they work? The short answer is because you can't have your cake and eat it too.
    Like it or not, what Mr. Cox wants is to have his cake and eat it too. He is not, nor can he be his only authority. His being born in to a situation that he did't agree to and not liking the rules of the society he was born in to is understandable, but his personal sovereignty is irrelevant because the concept is invalid.
    Homo Sapiens are tribal social animals. We are genetically programed to be social, and obey authority. Disobedience to those in authority in our hunter-gatherer past was such a threat to the welfare of the tribe, and so critical to the survival of our species, that those that didn't submit to authority had their genetics eliminated from the gene pool. The authority figures of a tribe were legitimate leaders or the tribe didn't survive.Tribal leaders were the tribes first line of defense and the stronger and healthier the tribe, the greater the reproductive success of the tribes leaders. Our species survival is so dependent on our existing within the social network of a tribe, that aspects of our behavior are not generally permitted to be recognized by our conscious mind.
    Questioning authority in the dangerous environment that our ancestors lived in back then, would be like front line soldiers questioning the battle orders of their superior officers today. Conscious thought is suppressed by the subconscious.
    Howard Zinn, one of the most ethical moral men of the WW II generation: "Dropping bombs from five miles high, I had seen no human beings, heard no screams, seen no children dismembered… I came to a conclusion about the psychology of myself and other warriors: Once we decided, at the start, that our side was the good side and the other side was evil, once we had made that simple and simplistic calculation, we did not have to think anymore. Then we could commit unspeakable crimes and it was all right."
    Mr. Cox's conscious desire to be free is selfish and perfectly natural, as selfish behavior for all animals is natural, but far more of our behavior is governed by our sub-conscious minds than our conscious minds are aware of, hence his belief that nobody has authority over him, and the taxes people pay are an act of larceny. The reality is, the concept of free will, is for the most part an illusion. Mr. Cox believes the illusion that he and other people that are as enlightened as he, understand that they are correct and the people that don't are basically brainwashed, victims of indoctrination that don't know better, etc., and of course they are, and have been, but he has failed to comprehend that the reason people are so prone to believe propaganda that is composed of obvious lies, is because they don't have free will, and not recognizing this fact and how it applies to him, is why he believes the only rightful authority over him is himself.
    Private land ownership is bullshit, and no amount of talk, no matter how grand and appealing, or how inspiring, or how rightfully just and self evident it seems, it's just the same have your cake and eat it too fraud that doomed the Bill Of Rights to failure .
    The desire for status and security is natural and as right as rain, but we are not designed to exist as hive animals. Obedience to authority is as right as rain when our leaders are legitimate, because legitimate leaders act in the best interest of the tribe, and maintaining justice by promoting it, is an essential responsibility of leadership. Monkeys understand justice. Justice, the act of behaving fairly towards others, is inherant social behavior that has been demonstrated to exist in not only primates, but other social animals also. Google it. Private land ownership inevitably leads to masters and slaves, and/or servants at best.
    Our species threatens our own extinction now. Billions and billions of us are not going to make it to the middle of this century for sure, and there is a very significant possibility those billions won't live until the quarter century mark. The meek will inherit the earth is a quote from the bible that I use to laugh at, but not any more, and why not has nothing to do with religion. (I am an atheist) After our species multi-thousand year turn down the wrong evolutionary path we will be lucky if it doesn't prove to be a dead end within a few generations, and if we are so lucky, those lucky future generations won't be feeling to lucky trying to survive in an environment so hostile to their survival, the meek will indeed inherit the world from the perspective that they will be to busy trying to survive for the next few thousand years to have any chance or opportunity to assemble armies and the city-states they serve.

  • winston smith

    39:19 so we never learn why it wasn't such a clever name bc this interviewer hasn't a clue how to let someone finish a sentence. Seriously, why would you interrupt him in mid sentence if your goal is to interview him?

  • Rio oflife

    SCG does great work … always a pleasure sharing your work

  • Dori Ahern

    Aaron was just on the verge of making great interesting points when James shut the thing down. Aaron was very tolerant of Jame's constant interruptions. I wont listen to any more of Jame's interviews for sure, but will look for more from Aaron. It seems he shut him down when he was going to make a point that was more intelligent, something that trumped his drivel. Sheesh!

  • Dori Ahern

    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, as flawed as he may have been, gave a great quote from the Vedic tradition. The government is the reflection of the governed people. In order to resolve this essential conflict of Anarchy, each individual must start practicing meditation and spiritual practice in order to develop their personal VIRTUE. ANY SYSTEM CAN WORK IF THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE ARE PURE AND GOOD.

  • Dori Ahern

    Man, you are the interviewer. Let the INTERVIEWEE talk ! You are really obnoxious. You remind me of some of the crazy guys I met in New Hampshire, too full of themselves and wont let anyone else get a word in.

  • Dori Ahern

    The interviewer interrupts Aaron too much.

  • Dori Ahern

    Great to get to know Aaron. He should get in touch with other whistleblower/freedom fighters: Chip Tatum, Karl Lenz, Alfred Lambremont Weber, Bill Ryan, etc.

  • Peter Miller

    amazing discussion guys! i loved every minute of it. so much better than the one with molyneux!

  • Mac man

    In this video:

    A Biblical Examination… Abomination of Desolation!

    • The "Abomination of Desolation" spoken of by Daniel the prophet
    • Grave danger to Yahuwah's people!
    • Signs to precede Yahushua's 2nd Coming
    • A most urgent warning that Yah's faithful in these last days must understand!

  • Joseph Quinn

    interesting video, thanks for the content. you really should have given Aaron time to respond to points in full, especially near the end. I know people are passionate about these things but it makes for incomplete answers and a pretty unfulfilling debate. Points should really be dealt with one at a time.

    Good luck with your permaculture project Aaron, it's our plan too.

  • rstoeckler

    So frustrating to see the reasonable man cut off so many times!

  • loraine haley

    I really like Aaron Hawkins. The man is a thinker. He and I have travelled similar roads. Id love to have a one on one conversation with him

  • Madam Smellypits

    Is this an interview or a debate? I'm outta here.

  • Madam Smellypits

    Idealistic ideology. Can't get a conversation accomplished because it always has to reduce to the basic principles. Life is complex and nuanced. The Rand Paul section is what I'm referring to specifically.