Sam Harris on the so called ‘Golden Age’ of Islam

During an ‘Ask Me Anything’ episode of his podcast Waking Up, Sam Harris answered the following question posted on reddit:

“We are always hearing about how Iran was a relatively more liberal nation before Islamic regimes took over. We hear about how the problem of radical Islam is relatively new in the world and that, historically, Islam was not as violent. If we grant that this is true, does this make religion more or less scary, considering that apparently these violent interpretations can arise suddenly and possibly without even historical context?”

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  • Zeegoner

    1 Google search invalidates Sam Harris' characterization of the Golden Age of Islam. That's only if Algebra and Algorithms aren't enough LOL

  • HConstantine

    The Muslims developed the scientific method–its true that they abandoned it in a religious backlash after the Mongols wiped out Baghdad. Harris must know this, so why is he misrepresenting? I saw another video of Harris today in which he says that while its regrettable the American police are killing so many innocent black men–but at least the police doing it are being arrested and prosecuted for it (yes–that is what he said). There must be some reason he misrepresents things like this.

  • Adnan Barakat

    Still no one realises except us Muslims that all these beating ups and ra___ and terrorists are kofars that call there selves Islam.

  • sam hassan

    an immobile caste system is not conclusively a product of indian religions, there is still debate whether its immobility was an inadvertent effect of british rule.

  • poder80

    The only flaw i can see in this video is the choice of word "western civilisation". Its not a cuestion of geography but of culture and modern not theist civilisation. He accitently makes it sound its about race or countries. English is not my native language by the way.

  • Emperor Franz Joseph I

    Here we have an idiot judging the past by the standards of the present.

  • Jack K

    What the fuck is that stupid graph at 0:40? You can't measure scientific advancement on a linear graph. Its not like some video game where researching one thing unlocks the next

  • Kharmazov

    Just to be absolutely clear it wasn't the Christianity that caused the regress in the western world but the fall of Roman Empire that at the time was Christianized itself.

  • peartist2

    One thing I may disagree with in regards to what Sam said about the holocaust. He seemed to imply that there were many great contributions to knowledge that were lost because of the millions killed, especially given the disproportionate things of value jewish people already contribute to society and culture. Could it be that the holocaust was a sort of catalytic time that helped encourage a mindset among those peoples as a whole, more or less, that encouraged the type of behavior and work ethic that would lead to such contributions?

  • haseebafandi

    well mate u answered ur own question !

    those muslim countries havent created such breakthroughs because they have been set back so much that they are unable to study at that lvl and dont even know about the true laws of islam and thus they rape,kill and murder people for example look at ISIS and such 😀 and we all know why is that :P

  • Shaikh Mohammed Yunus

    where are his arguments against the golden age of islam….he pointed out what islam has done after wahabism took over….

  • Akash Singh

    I am a Hindu and what he said is correct. Caste system is still a curse. That's why huge reservation is provided by government to low caste people, approx 50% from education to jobs and economic help is also being provided, skill centers are being opened up. People are rising and we are fighting this and soon it is will be over. But things change by accepting them and I hope we will make a better world someday.