Sam Harris on the disinvitation of Richard Dawkins

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  • nicelittlerunner

    This video drew attention to the video, and the channel for syeten.
    That man is doing what Christopher hitchens said was so important, and what Charlie hebdo artists got killed for.
    Freedom of expression, freedom to lampoon, and removing the barriers of fear that exist in the modern society between Muslims and non Muslims.
    I am so happy to see that the censorship hitch said we needed to fight before things became cultural taboos, such as not depicting Mohammad, are being fought.
    This is very different to having anything against Muslims, and the cultural norm should be that occasionally you may very well be offended, and don't consider yourself or your religion so superior that you have the right to kill or threaten.
    Syeten has the biggest balls, we all know why, and we should all defend his right to make jokes, as well as genuinely humanitarian points of fact within his videos.

  • Vedic Civilization

    The interviewer sounds just like Sam.

  • tcorourke2007

    You need to include that this took place in January of 2016.

  • Dimitrij Fedorov

    Didn't NECSS eventually un-disinvite Dawkins? (I think we need to introduce a new word here "outvite = disinvite").

    And, whereas a disinvitation is hardly ever a nice thing to do, I do wonder whether Dawkins might be somewhat overrated as a good apologist for agnosticism. He sure can surprise a poorly prepared theist, but can't score too many hits when debating a wise scholar, e.g. the Chief Rabbi Sacks.

  • sbornot2b

    Novella gets a bad rap here. He's actually a really bright guy and a generally sound critical thinker. Listen to a few episodes of the SGU, and I think you'll be impressed. Aside from first tier experts like Dawkins, Bill Nye, Randi, or N.D. Tyson, he's done more for science an skepticism than just about anybody in the movement. Also, Novella spoke for the committee; I don't think his personal views are on record (I could be wrong about that).

  • connor donohoe

    Sam Harris, captain state the obvious. It's great how we need people like this guy to state obvious facts but what I really can not wrap my head around is the fact that Sam and his ilk can never point out the bigger picture on why society is so nuts. Its shocking how people like Sam can point out the pure obvious and be regarded as some intellectual for stating sky blue, grass green comments. With his oh so soft spoken words and reasoning. Making 2+2 equals 4 sound very intellectual and well-reasoned. Yes, Sam, we know Muslim fundamentalism can not fit into a high-tech society, we know its not compatible with Western ideals, we know political correctness makes no sense. But Sam why don't you dig into the reasons why were being pumped full of this nonsense. Sam sounds like a real intellectual but just makes obvious things sound deep and thought provoking.

  • Logic Reason

    Social media is fucking cancer.

  • Jason Wood

    Dr. Novella and his Skeptics Guide podcast were my introduction to formalized logic, back in the day.

  • Chris Halliday

    Where can I find this scandalous video?

  • ajt222

    If it was a SyeTen video then it was amazing and as funny as fuck .

  • neo theskepticarena

    V J wrote "He didn't say:
    "European fascists may be wrong, but at least they love their mom."

    It doesn't matter what Dawkins didn't say –

    he is only responsible for what he did say.

  • neo theskepticarena

    V J wrote "Instead, he said they were
    right about one of the positions that defines their fascism. Namely, that
    "darkies must go."

    You completely misrepresented his position
    (google: Straw Man logical fallacy).

    You've also identified yourself as a "Regressive Leftie."

    As much as I hate Conservatives, you Regressives come in a close second.

    What you two have in common is that neither one of you possess enough neurons to form coherent, rational thoughts – as your comments prove.

  • The Journey

    Wow, Dawkin tweets out a bigoted and frankly gross video. Sam pretends the video is harmless and at the Sam time hopes no one will watch it but his bigot and racists friends. It is no surprise that Dawkins would retweet this trash, because that is the level of his mentality. He is a pretend intellectual whose only contribution to his field of study was to be utterly wrong, and to insult many people while defending his wrong position. He is as wrong on gene-centric evolution as he is on Islam being the centre of all evil. I is privileged a-holes who are the the root of all evil currently in our society. The same ones starting the wars, the same one's residing over entire countries because only because of the privilege they were born into. That is an obvious simplification.but look at how minorities were placed in power as totalitarian or monarchical structures of rule, and for what and whose purpose and you'll come back to the privileged men that Dawkins is a member off honestly…. education is the way to change, I agree with the new atheists ideas there. The rest of their current leaders bs is just that bs, and they don't us peer reviewed journaled papers for their ideas. Which is why citations for Sam's articles are like perfect examples of circular authentication, Sam sites, Dawkins, Dawkins sites, their right wing friend, their right wing friend sites Sam. And then they pretend they have done any peer reviewed work. Meanwhile all reall peer reviewed journals do not suppport Same or Dawkins bigotry,and what is really racism with race replaced by if you happen to believe in something different then Sam…