Sam Harris on religious belief (Full)

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I wanted to post this Sam Harris lecture in its entirety because it’s seriously on-point and awesome. It was on YouTube in several parts, so i thought it would be useful to put it all together in a full video. Sam summarizes his views on religion brilliantly. A CSPAN oldie, but a goodie.
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  • Mark Drysdale

    11:53 Actually, under those conditions, Christianity would not become revealed as a science. It would become a crystal ball of some non-trivial accuracy. Science is a methodology, and even if a particular religion becomes good at predicting the future, it isn't a science unless you can SEE the gears at work inside the black box.

  • dunnobutwayne

    "sligtly" anti islam presentation???!!!!

  • Anthony Wasley

    A message is best received when the delivery is captivating. Am I the only person who watched this that was completely distracted by this guy's annoyingly audible swallowing and frantic nostril breathing? To me he seemed scared to be giving the presentation and his attempt to remain controlled resulted in created a drap and mundane style of delivery. I stopped actually listening. Give me Richard Dawkins any day. At least he sounds passionate about what he's suggesting.

  • Autumn Gaslight

    Dr Craig created 12 different accounts just to dislike this vid more than once

  • Linda de Chamonix

    Sam Harris is great and I appreciate that he tells people that what he says may offend them. All I can say is that anyone who came to his lecture knew what to expect from Sam Harris. If they didn't like what he is about, they could have stayed away. I say this because turning a person's life and expectations upside down is indeed quite horrifying. Thing need to be said. So people can either stay away or they are welcome to come if they are strong enough to present a valid counter-argument. That is all.

  • robert bradley

    The only people who hate Sam Harris, are the ones who actually believe in any Religion.
    What happens here and now is important. What happens when we die?……nothing. That's why Sam tries so hard to be nice. He wants people to wake up,and,"Grow UP".

  • Jaime Fairbanks


  • Kind Drunk


  • Ford Alord

    I'm not quite sure I understand what he was getting at with my the mediation stuff near the end

  • Collective Consciousness

    Why in this day and age, can't we realize we need to do exactly what Sam's practices. Drop the ego and admit that we all could be wrong. Let's live as if there were a God but stop fighting over it. Stop the special treatment of any religious groups and they should all be opened up for scrutiny.

    Just because Sam decides to question or hold a belief against the grain doesn't mean hes the Antichrist. lol

  • Dennis Pennington

    If you have appendicitis you could reverently bow your head, close you eyes, and start talking to yourself. If nothing happens you might not have been standing properly, or holding your tongue right. After a while of doing this your appendix might even bust.


    If people accept that the bible was written by humans but inspired by God, why don't they believe that Darwin's Origin of species, Newton's Principia Mathematica, Alfred Wegener's The Origin of Continents and Oceans etc were likewise inspired by God?

  • Josh V

    I'm an atheist, but I don't agree with him on stem cell research. I still believe we are killing a life if we kill a 3 day embryo.

  • Claire Johnson

    Thanks for putting this out here. I'd listened to the parts, but I am glad to hear it as a whole. It is one I'll want to listen to again. And again.

  • hoffer54

    We are heading into dark ages again rapidly!!

  • john keats

    Belief is a bitter pill, has to be taken, otherwise atheistic uncertainty brutally kills life…
    and i have been suffering since..

  • Grimbeard

    Sam Harris talks a lot of sense, but when he says things like "consciousness doesn't feel like 'I'" he gets disturbingly close to Deepak Chopra territory. Hopefully he'll do another talk where he explains that more clearly and less woo-ishly.

  • Paul Renfrew

    How do I go about getting my 72 virgins ?. I can't even find one around here .