Sam Harris On Progressivism, Torture, Religion & Foreign Policy

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Clip from the Thursday, October 15th 2015 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday – friday 4-6pm Eastern.

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  • Ryan Miles

    Sam Harris constantly says his follow up articles are putting the training wheels on his argument and still the interviewer says repeatedly that he likes the follow ups more than the original posts. Maybe it's because you simply can't understand what Sam Harris is saying. I almost think it's just confirmation bias. I've listened and have read many of Sam Harris' material and nothing he said in this interview isn't accurate. he's like the one sane intelligent liberal in a sea of regressive leftists

  • Virgin Mary should have swallowed

    The interviewer sure is fucking slow on the uptake.

  • 55martyrseraph

    My favorite part is, when Sam Harris goes berserk all it really changes is he calmly peppers in a few expletives. That's some ice cold shit right there.

  • Alex Markadonis

    Hitch also said Islam is presently the most dangerous. Just like Catholicism in the Middle Ages and Christianity in general pre-9/11. Cucklinsky!

  • dethtrain


  • Edward Bernard

    This host has the intellect of a middle schooler.

  • Zom

    Sam Harris 100% defeat his opponents and I think this guy just stutter stepped himself into defending bigots for no reason.

  • Rodrigo Catatau

    This was embarrassing for the interviewer…Seing Sam Harris that pissed, was a first for me – hope the interviewer guy finds his way out of that the regressive left mind set he seems to be trapped in…other than that, its the same old story…cant please all sides.

  • laurent1234ify

    Kyle, Glenn Greenwald is an unreliable reporter, you fucking idiot

  • Andrew Case

    Lol man it's not often we get to see total freak out mode Sam Harris aka stern voice Sam Harris.

  • Soma Coma

    Dropped the ball Kyle, dropped the ball. Like Mike Tyson beating up a baby.

  • darwinkilledgod

    34:00 That pussy would just let the kid heat stroke to death? What a freakin' monster.

  • lonnie333

    That's OK Secular Talk guy….let the men in the room slap the kidnapping scumbag around and get the information on the dying kid. You hang in the back w/ the women covering your ears. We'll handle the manshit.

  • Still Deubell

    Ok….. so because I watched this video, YouTube is now apparently insisting on recommending every goddamn Sam Harris interview ever recorded to me. And I can't believe how many of them begin with him being immediately defensive, petulant and condescending before the interviewer gets even one single question out. Before this I didn't really have much of an opinion of Sam Harris one way or the other, but after watching just a handful of interviews with him, I have concluded that he truly is A Giant Douche. He's obviously a very smart and well-educated guy, but he is just as obviously A Giant Douche. It's just a bummer that this is the face of atheism for so many people.