Sam Harris on Islam, the Left, Trump, and Hillary

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Sam Harris (author and neuroscientist) joins Dave Rubin for a 2 hour sit down about Islam, Trump, Hillary, Religion, free will, and artificial intelligence. ***Subscribe:

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Sam Harris
Author and Neuroscientist
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  • Nofyah Shem-Tov

    People like Trump because he is not a career politician/. Hullary proved in Benghazi that she is not suited to be CIC. EVER

  • bryanmc650

    Lot's of people criticize the republicans for putting forward Trump as a candidate for such a critical post, is it not more irresponsible to put forward such a damaged candidate to run against him? Particularly when there was a much better alternative.

  • Riley Tucker

    For someone who always seems so insightful when it comes to dealing with issues, I think it's extremely short-sighted of Sam to support Hillary. Letting the political establishment get away with whatever scheming is going on behind closed doors just because you'll agree with most of the legislation she wants to enact is far worse than just letting a reality show joker into the white house. He doesn't know the intricacies of American politics. He won't be effective at forcing legislation and he will be extremely scrutinized(the opposite of Obama) due to the slander campaign that the media has set on about him. I can agree with almost everything Sam Harris says except when it comes to American politics(real politics, I agree with him on social issues, usually).

  • Philip Donofrio

    I'm following the plot lol. you do good work thank you.

  • Badabababa

    sam at 2 mins – "I'm amazing in many ways"

  • Christian Perezrosas

    what I feel is going on is the left for the Democrats in general are exposing who they always truly been which is a support area you wanted to tell a group of people what to do and what needs to be done and what needs to be said they're just coming back in Full Circle to that which is a big turn-off because it makes no sense why is it wrong to express how you feel about it so there may be a controversial opinion and now we have this left that's coming with this authoritarian outlook on things are trying to tell us what we should say how we should I what should you write what you do wrong to the victim was not a victim whose presence was not throwing it out we don't need anybody to tell him that you form your own opinions than you walkthrough life according to how they think

  • oxideman1

    Jews talks among each other, pro Israel, pro jewish people, anti-islam and christianity… zionists

  • Gamma Ray Burst

    Sam Harris, a fellow Stanford alum and philosopher king, is one of the most reasonable men who exist in contemporary society.

  • Turtles

    I don't know much about this Sam Harris guy apart from some youtube people I watch seeming to be in love with him and how smart he is, then he called Donald Trump racist after saying "The left wing media haven't dealt with him honestly" so he is either a hypocrite or stupid.

  • tiesthijsthejs

    Luckily, the Harris issue will be resolved as soon as tiran Trump installs his deathlist. All intellectuals and artists shall be eliminated. So long and thanks for all the fish.

  • spaceface5

    first off Ben affleck is not batman. he will never ever be remembered as THE batman.

  • bitchoflivingblah

    Islam inherently hates free thinkers – and that is where it should be attacked. Then and only then can people be free to articulate their thoughts and ideas and begin the process of piecemeal reformation.
    It's happening anyway through access to the internet and mobile communication. Just look at what is happening to women in Saudi Arabia who are mobilising to break down a misogynistic and paternalistic society.

  • Chad K

    Hillary's email server scandal is actually much worse than Sam is suggesting here. The information that Hillary Clinton gets in her position in government is the most top-secret classified info that we have, period. When someone has the responsibility and power in government like that, they are supposed to be competent and be fully aware of what they are doing, and make sure they don't allow secrets out. You don't think other countries are spying on us? The Russians, the Chinese, our enemies and even allies, probably most developed countries are doing this, attempting to gather intelligence from us that we don't want them to have. Hillary should have known this, and also know that if she ever used a private email server, she might as well have just sent the classified info directly to the Russians or Chinese, etc. Someone in that position should ALWAYS assume that they are being watched/recorded, that their communications are nearly always going to be listened to from outside agents, that security is extremely important for communication when you're secretary of state. So it's not a little mistake, it's a massive fuck up and should disqualify ANYONE from holding office. Letting these secrets out can do untold amounts of damage, secrets that will directly lead to people's deaths if ever let out, it's much worse than Sam is letting on, he's acting like it was a mistake that doesn't really matter. The fact that she was sending TOP SECRET emails on a private unsecured server is an atrocity. That is incompetence on a level we have never seen from a candidate. Trump is bad as a candidate, but I doubt he'd ever fuck up like she did with this email business.