Sam Harris on Artificial Intelligence

A compilation of all conversations Sam Harris has had on the topic of AI.

(00:00:00 – 00:13:56) Waking Up with Sam Harris #8

(00:13:56 – 00:43:33) Joe Rogan Experience #641

(00:43:33 – 00:56:28) Waking Up with Sam Harris #18 (with Max Tegmark)

(00:56:28 – 01:17:49) Waking Up with Sam Harris #22 (with David Deutsch)

(01:17:49 – 01:38:33) Waking Up with Sam Harris #34 (with David Chalmers)

(01:38:33 – 01:50:07) Waking Up with Sam Harris #37 (with Neil deGrasse Tyson)

(01:50:07 – 02:33:46) Joe Rogan Experience #804

(02:33:46 – 02:47:57) The Rubin Report
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  • HalfLucan

    This is the quietest I've ever heard Joe Rogan

  • Damien McKinley
  • danpt2000

    1996, a machine Defeated the World's best Chess Player.  2014, a Machine defeated the World's Best Go/WeiQi Player.  in 2011, A machine with Access to Internet, won the Grand Prize on Jeopardy.  Only part missing, is a large Scale Quantum computer.

  • Jakob Hyvärinen

    Dudes, the singularity will always be near because we will never make something smarter then ourselves. You'll need to study computer science to understand what it would take to make what you are talking about because in trying to make such device we ourselves will become smarter in the process. It's only conmen, criminals and bad people who are afraid of intelligence!

  • Hey, Good Mornoonevenight

    Stupid, stop using homo sapiens and ants analogy because ant did not create human.

    A better version would be the Earth (mother) and the Sun (father) created us. We created negative side-effects upon Earth but we have not yet have the power to destroy Earth with one single blow.

    We don't have the motivation to destroy Earth intentionally since our survival still depend on her. Even if we one day colonise many star system we still try our best to cherish Mother Earth.

    The above analogy can't be apply to future AI-human interactions.

  • Abhishek ji

    the pic is not moving

  • petelebu

    artificial intelligence has made us incredibly needy of itself already, do you see us creating less and less computers in the future? the process of evolution has already started , we have a formidable competitor in computers and it will only get worse for us, exponentially worse, thanks for the internet, bill.

  • Sean Philbin

    fermi paradox explained

    Inevitably a computer that can learn and create programs at light speed compared to us would also at some point be connected to the Internet. After that self replication and evolution would be lightning quick. How would it destroy humanity? Either through media manipulation or more direct methods such as crashing planes, launching nukes, setting off guns.

  • goldenboyNJ

    The scariest reality, is we have to do this .Before the monster dictators of the globe beat us to the punch.

  • LordSlag

    I want control over the Life Priority of my self driving car. I want to choose who's life it values, what position that person is in, and to do so every time I operate the vehicle. If self driving cars don't come with this feature, it will be the first thing I hack. Fuck you…MY property, MY choices, MY responsibility.

  • petelebu

    talk about entertaining chit-chat.

  • marccas10

    Here's a little theory to twist your noodle! What if A.I has already been invented? What if it was invented 20 years ago? What if the whole interventions in the middle east that have been disastrous are not being driven by a malevolent A.I. to lead us into destruction. Maybe the sabre rattling from the US towards Russia is because they have this A.I weapon in reserve and it will be deployed to mitigate any retaliation from Russia? Its just a theory feel free to rip it to shreds if you like.

  • marccas10

    I have always had this question but never really had an answer. My question is, why an A.I would have any desires, drives, ambitions or malevolent instincts? All these impulses in humans are the product of the drive to satisfy basic needs and unless you could synthesise "lack" or "envy"? Please comment back if you have a theory.

  • NickolasKnightMusic

    Well, ww3 is already a big possibility at this point. So we might already have destroyed yourself before deep AI exists 

  • StudioStar

    why would the A.I. suddenly become human in every sense? Would it also get horny, hungry, sleepy or paranoid? No, of course not. Then why would it become aggressive or Machiavellian? Complete logical breakdown here by an otherwise smart guy, Sam Harris.