Sam Harris & Neil deGrasse Tyson On Race

Harris and Tyson discuss race on the waking up podcast.

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  • Luke Crant

    the social forces for men and women are equal. in fact its more in women's favour. There are quotas that have to be filled for how much women u have in courses etc, there are gender specific grants or loans for women. women dominate vetenary and piadatrics, we don't say anything about sexism keeping men out of those subjects? most men and women have gender specific interests, most men and women have different capabilities – we know how the brains are wired different and how we tend to think differently, this goes a long way in explaining say why men are the majority of theoretical physicists for example

  • Joe Casey

    Tyson can do so much to advance the peace just by speaking the truth ,until he does there will be speculation. 2 out of 5 ? You can't tell the truth for fear of looking like a free man.

  • popfk

    love both of these guys and the way they think.

  • Joseph Meredith

    Tyson big liar……..POS

  • Mathis Arnell

    Whats that song that starts playing at tthe end?

  • wafflecracker1

    Two out of my three public heroes.  The third of course being Bill Nye.

  • MrJamaica

    Race isn't real. why waste our time talking about it?!

  • kez kezooie

    I love Neil deGrasseTyson's talks because he's such an effective and inspirational educator – he has the gift of transferring his enthusiasm and even the passion that he obviously has for science.

  • Nicko G.

    Tyson's job is a science communicator — to explain how the universe works on a macroscopic level. While social science is exploring on a microscopic level. He is basically saying it's not in his field to talk about race issues, and anything he says will be taken out of context by someone, somewhere.

  • G.I. José

    Having Neil DeGrasse Tyson on will always be cause for a good show. This guy can make plumbing seem interesting.

  • Discord

    Its great to see rational people talk about this topic without the whole emotional shitshow for once

  • Dan Piano

    Basically Tyson talks but says nothing.
    He's afraid of his own shadow.
    I see him as a good politician.

  • Austin Watts

    Was this recent? As a future educator, that book sounds incredibly interesting.

  • Adam Martin

    Bit of a fail, as the majority of cabs in US inner cities are driven by non-whites.

  • Keith Nesbit

    No he's right. By drawing attention to race it diminishes from the man.  If he is a scientist then he normalizes black people in science. But if he is a "BLACK" scientist then he is no longer a scientist he is rather a black scientist.  I totally get his message.

  • Matti Hirpa

    On atheism in the black community it could also be a function of the most central role of religion as a unifying force and informative of one's identity.