Sam Harris, Joe Rogan, and Hannibal Buress: ‘A Conversation About Conversations, Part I’

Mostly random podcasts related things are talked about for the first 50 minutes or so, but things get pretty heated up after that when it transitions into a debate over race & police violence, which wasn’t so sober or coherent on one side, but was characteristically coolly and gracefully handled on the other.

Part 2:

From Episode 52 of the WeThePeople Live podcast recorded on the 8th of September 2016.

‘Welcome, humans, to a difficult conversation about having difficult conversations. Three of Josh’s favorites minds join him for a powerful discussion that gets… interesting. Hey. We’re here to #makedebatehealthyagain, folks. @wtp_live @joshzepps’

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  • Allu Felix

    WTF they knew they were gonna have Harris as a guest and thought it'd be a good idea to bring completely drunk Rogan and Hannibal on? It's just a podcast but then by the same token why release this train wreck conversation? At least release a full disclosure of the situation if you're gonna be posting this conversation. Their reputations and careers are involved.

  • Marx peer

    The holy shit moment 1:17:10

  • Herschel Crawford

    In all fairness, training would make a difference, the forces with longer periods of training time and higher entrance requirements have less shootings.

  • Kal Drake

    A good example of how irrational and over emotional people get when shit faced.

  • xbubbahotep

    Do you have stocks in conversation. Sell now.I am dying.

  • Jens Behrendt

    Rogan: "You fucked it up, Sam. You fucked it up with your stats."

  • Alex Mosby

    Sam Harris will never have this kind of fear and he is showing his own stupidity on the subject when he says black cops are not racist against blacks. WTF? He is so fucking lost. Sam will never ever fear this happening to him. Ever. Hannibal knows this fear. He knows this heartbreak.

  • hey0 swaggins

    hannibal is whats wrong with america.

  • jack smith

    I`m pretty sure Hannibal was a drug dealer I think he said on Joe Rogan…if that is the case than drugs and cops go hand in hand…

  • vaprex

    Hannibal has a lot in common with Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh despite being on polar opposites from them (I'd assume) politically. They all four think that anecdotal experience trumps overall statistics, except when statistics can be cherry picked in their favor. They also prefer ad-hominem personal attacks rather than calmly discuss any problem.