Sam Harris Greatest Speech On Religion

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  • Lord of Liberals

    What's up with the guy running back and forth in the background?

  • darkmatter

    Now Angelina is getting divorced…..therefore – God.

  • Carl Andrews

    in Spanish please?

  • Random Thoughts

    Where was this debate?

  • Ramon Delp

    The friend has a chance. Angelina and Brad broke up :D

  • ImInfluence

    My problem isn't even so much with believing in something (although I don't). I find it a 'silly little love song' to make you feel better (if you're a "moderate"). My real problem and what I believe to be the real danger, is the indoctrination of religion. It's the so-called Holy Book(s) that claim to have all the answers, and some of them being completely wrong and sometimes dangerous. I'm with Harris on the idea of– if we're talking about a radical Jansenist, you're actually someone society has to worry about less. Yes, you may be a lunatic, but not a dangerous one, and if so, I'm not too concerned.

    It would be preferable, though, if society as a whole (the individuals collectively) could become more educated to realize that believing in these things is silly and we're more logical than that. If they did that, then we wouldn't even have people silly enough to, as a full grown adult, still believe in fairy tales in the first place.

  • ramaraksha01

    the dominant religions of the day were born when kings ruled & they made god in his image. it was a violent world & people found safe refuge amongst kings.
    the king was ruthless, he had to be & so demanded absolute loyalty
    so that is where -get down on your knees & believe(swear loyalty) to the master & be rewarded ( heaven)
    a salave may serve only one master-hence the one god
    those who do not kneel to our master must be his enemies & so the hate against atheists & other religions
    very primitive, backward & tribal ideas – sad how easily they are able to brainwash the best of them

  • James Fleming


  • fooloof

    Notice he says "non believer", not "unbeliever." Big difference.

  • fooloof

    @2:10: The "old friend" can now fulfill his destiny, LOL.

  • joel maqueira


  • Chris talton

    Hey says that you can have a more fulfilling life by not lying to your children and by not professing to know things you do not know this is the same man that believes in evolution that human beings came from monkeys and he also believes the lies and manipulation of a government agency called NASA if he can't get past earthly lies that mean create how in the hell is he going to explain to somebody about so-called spiritual things he has no idea what he is talking about there is a God that created everything or a being far superior to us with vast knowledge but is far is going into outer space and all this lies that have been perpetrated on the world has never happened and this man fully believes this

  • Maxwell Healy

    Modern Christians are dumb and I don't understand allegory or symbolism, blah blah blah.

  • Maxwell Healy

    It seems as though Sam has fallen into the trap of typifying God as a person or a being rather than something more metaphysical and unfathomable, and supposing that the only basis for religious belief is that it makes people feel good. I remember when I was a 15 year old atheist cutting down religious fools with the sword of reason! Sad.

  • Bidemi Akinsanya