Sam Harris Goes to Town on Islam and Political Correctness

he covers areas such as why islam is bad, how isis is simply following islam in its purest form, regressivism/political correctness, charlie hebdo and self-criticism, the united states’ reliance on saudi oil, etc.

from JRE #641, which can be seen here in full:

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  • Azazel Acheron

    Sam Harris needs to learn about the Sykes-Picot treaty. Funny that throughout human history, it is extremely recent that the violence we are witnessing first reared its ugly head…

  • James Martin

    Stupid France and others inviting Islam into their society……….sad.

  • Jon dinger

    Christians don't believe in slavery ahole. jesus told rich men too free their slaves. the old testament is a reference for history, prophecy and bloodlines of the jews and how their laws and sacrifices were performed. When Jesus came, the need for sacrifice was then gone and the servants, and the rest of the gentiles could become one with the kingdom.

  • Monty Baconeater

    o+-< <— Muhammed

  • KanyeTroll

    you misunderstand us. we dont want to destroy america, we just want it to become an islamic state. الله أكبر

  • Roy Carey

    sam harris is awesome, his voice needs to be heard more

  • 55martyrseraph

    Just an fyi, those girls getting clitorectomies in septic conditions exist side by side with boys being circumcised in septic conditions.

  • Tom David


  • Will Scarlett

    Sam Harris the Islamophobic scum. Thankfully the vast majority of non-Muslims don't take a blind bit of notice what this POS says.

  • Sohrob Ganjbaksh

    Sam Harris: Objective and Informed

  • Shaikh Mohammed Yunus

    Some guy said that Ottoman's declared war on america in late 1700's…..and America drowned their ships underwater….and Islamic countries have been challenging America from a very long time….now someone tell me wasn't britain itself on war with ppl who wanted to colonize on that land? And i expected Sam to put better arguments….but he referred to events of war from the time when everyone was on war with someone….how is it a legit argument?

  • Literally Hitler’s Genderfluid

    YET. He is voting hillary. Let that sink in

  • Bill Houston

    The success of Islam as a religion became possible the day Mohammed picked up a sword in Medina and used it to eliminate all opposition to his message of peace, love and tolerance.

  • Pans Labyrinth

    22:27 Which British knobhe….sorry, politician said this?

  • Conspiracy

    i am born muslim, but i love all as much as my self. iam not a muslim in reliogen, but in the serender part to a higher power. DMT has such higher power in it when taken, and all know if you dont surender when taken you will have a bad tripp. now faith and names of all different reliogens are not the same, faith is idividual and reliogen is a mass thing. most muslims, jews,christians,buddists and so on are individuals having faith and not a reliogen.

  • Conspiracy

    sam lets have a chat, would really love to have one with you. i can make you change your mind about reliogen generally, most socalled muslims are just people befor muslims. the one you speak of are idiots, call them idiots and not muslims. no one can take anyones faith from them, reliogen for most is faith.