Sam Harris’ Dissection Of Donald Trump (from Joe Rogan Experience #804)

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #804 with Sam Harris (, also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher (

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  • I Have No Name

    Read "The End of Faith" by Sam Harris. He's a fucking idiot

  • Peter fujii

    trump is an asshole but what scary is the people who support him.racist america show's itself! america got fat and lazy, bummer

  • Shawn Pyke

    the candidates you end up with are a window into your civilization. 'dumb' people will pick 'dumb candidates', 'rich people' will pick 'rich candidates' and so on for Religious people, Science minded people, Beautiful people etc etc etc. and none of that is wrong, its just how people are- we want someone 'just like us' to run our lives. unfortunately education has been de-prioritized to such a drastic degree that no one values 'important' things anymore- its all about how popular a Persona is, instead of how intelligent their ideas are. WOMP WOMP also, im speaking from a totally uninformed possibly hypocritical position aka: part of the problem.

  • Chad K

    When Joe mentioned the Ted Cruz video/outtakes that were on the web, he didn't realize that it was the Ted Cruz campaign who released that lol. It's not like someone else leaked those clips as something intended to be private but was exposed/released instead. Ted Cruz is actually a really funny guy and has a great sense of humor. He's able to poke fun at himself for the sake of humor. Anyone listening to those tapes and taking them serious like Joe have completely missed the point/humor there. The outtakes have to do with SuperPAC's as well, the candidate/campaigns are NOT allowed to directly coordinate with SuperPAC's, but candidates can obviously release a generic video with various clips/shots that can be used by the SuperPAC's commercials, etc. So it's a way for the Cruz campaign to provide video clips, to be used by SuperPACs or anything else, without having to directly coordinate with the PAC

  • Maia Mani

    What a patronizing, politically correct preacher of : My way is the correct moral high way and if you don’t agree you are forgiven due to your clear intellectual disadvantage for not knowing what is obviously right. I can’t stand Trump’s sexism ,racism and the list of isms that one can add, but being an in your face bully openly going as low as the conscienceless media loves it and exposing the powerless trance of so called democracy for what it currently is ,without hiding behind any moral, intellectual or politically correct high ground, makes Trump more honest than this intellectualist who hides behind lucidly knowing he is in a special class where he does not need to attempt understanding the value of not casting people in this diverse world into his verbal trashcan if they don’t fit into his intellectually superior box. If he thinks he can wash his Politically Correct hands of future events , just because he pointed out with his almighty intellect that Donald is a dumb, bad duck, he should think again. Sam quacks divide and rule just like Donald, but Donald however doesn’t pretend to be a golden statue of morality. He honestly shows what a disrespectful joke the media has become.

  • smartcookie79

    22m Rogan hits my prediction on the head, i believe Brexit happened for a similar reason and i really hope you guys don't make the same mistake…see the problem with tipping over the apple cart is that we live on and from the apple cart, nobody wants to buy bruised dirty apples and if they can get clean ones cheaper from another person (country) they will…global economics sucks like that.

  • Bloodsacramentofficial

    Hillary for prison.
    Trump for guillotine.
    Let's make it happen 2016

  • TheTaralovesmakeup

    Sam is so awesome.

  • ImNotPotus

    Note for Sam: If Trump wants to do something that contravenes the best interest of the US he has to go through 3,700+ underlings in the Executive branch. I am pretty sure they will just leave him alone with an intern in the Oval Office and ten minutes will pass and he will forget what he wanted to do and they can get on with the task of governance. He has spent 0 seconds staffing the White House from outside of the beltway. He will be the King with no clothes. For Donald it is America First Brought to you by TRUMP. The hacks in DC will run things tell him he is doing great and run out the warranty on Air Force One having him do ribbon cuttings everywhere but in DC.
    When Hillary wants to do something that contravenes the best interest of the US, she has made for damn sure that each and everyone of her 3,700+ underlings has been thoroughly scrutinized to make sure they will do as they are told. For Hillary, priorities go like this, Her first, "The Clintons" second, then America, and maybe God, but only if he tests well in the focus group.
    Then later on, whichever of them gets into the White House they have to then go through Congress to get any bad idea done. Good Luck to either one with that prospect. Both candidates are pariahs to every other DC politician who needs to get re-elected. These self serving hacks won't play ball with the either Executive Branch.
    It is foolish to think that the President can accomplish anything without the DC machine. Trump has no idea how to grasp the reins much less steer it. Hillary not only has the reins in an iron grip, she has the riding crop AND the spurs and don't think she won't put on the blinders also.
    So, who in the end would perpetuate business as usual? I will let you guess.

  • hijacking smurf

    Sam looks like a paedophile priest

  • Trey Caldwell

    It's really a fascinating dichotomy. I agree we need Trump to throw a wrench in the system and turn it on its head so it can be rebuilt (Joe's point) but I also see that it is more wise to choose someone with more knowledge and experience in government (Sam's point). Trump is risky but I fear that if we don't do something radical all is lost anyway.