Sam Harris discusses Islam, Orlando and the reaction from Trump, Clinton and Obama

Sam Harris talks about Islam, Orlando and the reaction from Trump, Clinton and Obama.
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  • Chad K

    It pisses me off that Sam HArris supports BANNING the burqa or w/e it's called. How can someone who calls himself a liberal support banning a piece of clothing? Why can't women be free to wear what they want to wear? Instead of having some man like Harris demand that they wear what HE wants them to wear, and if he denies her right to wear a burqa, she must obey his demand and comply. Women should be free to wear what they want, and nobody should be allowed to force them into wearing something against their will. If they want to wear the burqa, then people need to respect that. And if they do not want to wear it, respect that also. Isn't that the reasonable position? Sam Harris literally said "well we don't allow people to walk around in public naked!! so we already have clothing laws!!" =|

  • Jay Mil


  • Frank Doria

    I love this guy.

  • KingZam

    There is a terrifying intellectual problem with the 1 billion muslims in the world.I have noticed that the problem with the Qur'an and while people take it literally and do radical acts,is because the book is far too simplistic!The bible is a far more sophisticated book,but shares the same generalizations as the Qur'an.There is obviously some intellectual problems with citizens in the middle east.

  • raspilapse

    Clicked on Channel to see more videos and >> This Channel is not available in your Country xD. Contains it some new Features only available in US? Greetings from Germany.

  • Miguel Namias

    Great, brilliant Sam Harris, אנוסים

  • claronium 780

    He did lose me when he said islamophobia was invented to confuse people…!

  • peleproductions

    Islam seems like it's hardly a problem in the US when compared to Europe these days (Due to good immigration policies IMO). I think if the situation were as bad as in Europe, the American left (which I consider myself a part of) would probably be more reasonable on this topic.

  • Meghal Pandya

    This is a podcast, not a video

  • Bo Tie

    I am very dissapointed Sam, the KKK came out of a Christian belief system, as did the Wesbro Baptist Chruch. The Jonestown Masacre and Wacco were the result of Christian belief systems. The Army of God has murdered a number of abortion doctors in the name of christianity. In adopting your stance, Muslim countrties around the world should point to these events as justification to expel and condemn Christianity as an evil, intollerent, violent religion.

    Americans hold up their constitution as a beacon of light to the world reflecting their core values and the values the rest of the world should aspire to. That includes freedom of religion and its sadly lacking in your perspective.

  • Renegade Robot

    ,,you're buying all the false flag hoaxes?..

  • ksmoker27

    Sam appears to think that the average westerner is more likely to turn to European nationalists or demagogues like Trump as a result of how western politicians and liberals speak (or don't speak) about Islam than are moderate Muslims to turn to fundamentalist Islam or their own demagogues as a result of how these same Western politicians talk. In other words, Sam seems to have more faith in the sober-mindedness of moderate Muslims when confronted with rhetoric they don't like than in the sober-mindedness of the average Westerner in the same situation. If western liberals and politicians don't speak more honestly about Islam, he seems to say, then we shouldn't be surprised if voters turn to demagogues like Trump or similar European nationalists, yet if westerners, in contrast, chose to speak more honestly about Islam, then there's really no reason to worry that Muslims themselves would feel alienated or turn to their own demagogues in response to that kind of rhetoric.

    Ironically, Sam seems to be taking a higher view of the average Muslim and his sober-mindedness than of the average westerner, which is maybe a little inconsistent given that Sam is criticizing liberals for being too easy on Islam and for talking like the battle isn't against Islam itself, but only against its most extreme and most fundamentalist adherents. I would argue that while the nationalism we see in Europe could be, in part, a response to people feeling like their own elites aren't taking Islam seriously enough, much of the violence by Muslims in Europe (which also feeds those nationalist sentiments) could well be the result of the policies enacted and the rhetoric used by European elites which discourage "buy-in" on the part of Muslims, policies and rhetoric which make the Muslim community feel like an embattled minority instead of feeling like the system and its values work for them too.

    It could be the case that people need to speak more honestly about Islam. I'm just not sure that people like Obama or Hillary or elected European leaders are the best ones to be leading that charge — such folks are our ambassadors and are supposed to represent all citizens — and so I tend to think that our political leaders should be the ones who err on the side of not causing offense and of encouraging "buy-in" on the part of those who might be tempted to feel left out or undervalued, while it's private citizens and public intellectuals, folks like Sam, who should be the ones most responsible for making the critique of Islam itself more explicit. In other words, I kinda think we need both sides of the argument to be made — we need intellectuals like Sam to challenge Islam while our civic leaders coat the medicine with something a little more sweet.

  • jay jay

    and yet sam harris said he will vote for hillary, now thats scary after all of what he said about leftists obama and hillary he still will vote left no matter how dangerous the far left is he will vote for them.
    mind blowing hipocracy from sam harris , i agree with what he says in this video but he is full of shit when it comes to his vote

  • Mohamed Osman

    I wonder what is the percentage of christians who hold those same views of homosexuality in those african countries he mentioned. Maybe it is religiosity that is the problem instead of one in particular