Sam Harris Deflates 9/11 Conspiracies Using Pure Reason

also touches on osama bin laden’s death and the problem with conspiracy theories in general.

from JRE #192.

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  • sami chartouni

    bs. literally everything u have seen on tv is engineered realty, certainly faked.

  • Matt van den Ham

    It's strange how such a smart guy like Sam can sit there and act like no one has come forward and provided and contrary evidence that points to conspiracy. There's literally an Everest of evidence and footage of people arguing the official story, which has now been proven to be Saud's involvement.what an ignorant thing to say!

  • LindaStevensBZ

    I'm simply astonished at the increasing popularity of belief in conspiracy theories. I guess one reason is because of the sheer volume of conspiracy High Priests out there, all pushing their conspiracy du jour. There are so many, that everyone can find something to identify with.

    YouTube is almost like for conspiracy theory offerings. Just need to look long enough, and everybody can find some kind of conspiracy to titillate themselves.

  • Phil Rounds

    I agree with Sam on almost everything, but here i have to take exception. The Bush administration had been looking for an excuse to attack Iraq since the 90's. It's well documented. It's also very obvious that they perpetrated and reinforced lies to achieve that goal. Of course it was about freeing up Iraqi oil. Bush even says so in a speech given before the war (and i might be paraphrasing a bit here); "Those (countries) who aid us in this endeavor will share in the benefits of victory". What do you think those benefits were? Although i don't believe 9/11 was a "false flag" operation, it's not hard to conceive that the administration essentially looked the other way knowing that some kind of terrorist attack was inevitable…and that it could be cited as justification for war. I think 9/11 succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.
    (i tried to post a link to a source for this, but apparently URLs are not supported here)

  • Matt van den Ham

    I don't care what anyone says, the twin towers should've toppled over when it was hit by the airplane, and should've fallen more gradually while the bottom bracing a lot of the impact. Buildings don't just freefall when hit from the top, it defies basic physics. If the kinetic force was truly a factor then it would've wobbled more on the way down–the building fell in the exact same manner as a controlled demolition. Just watch and listen to what engineers, physicists, and demolition experts say on the topic–are they just actors?

  • A S

    It's time to stop focusing on the "why & who" was responsible for 9/11 and start focusing on the "how" – members of the NIST committee have openly admitted the report was under funded and incomplete. NIST also said their original finding of "pancaking" floors was incorrect. So instead of the the "who done it and why" type interviews there should be more attention drawn to the science of the collapses – there were 7 WTC buildings destroyed in less than a day by "2 planes", there was very little rubble remaining of the two towers and the ground burnt for over a month and had to be put out with truck loads of dirt – there are more questions about how this was done than why – we can speculate about the politics, the security files destroyed, insurance payouts to building owners in the billions, creation of new government bodies, the TSA, the patriot act, the lists go on and on – forget the "who/why", it's the how that's important it'll answer the other questions.

  • Timothy Azbill

    does Sam Harris know about building seven?

  • Robert Straw

    Explain tower 7 Mr Harris.

  • myheartspits

    You don't need to think that thousands of people were involved in order to think it was a conspiracy. The conspiracy could just be that a few of the top brass knew about the planes and let it happen.

  • jeffrey quinn

    We went into Iraq to test out our new weapon systems…

  • Lucifer Morningstar

    Everyone, it was an inside job. You can debate weakening steel all you like ( although none of you are engineers) the sad fact is as long as you keep this kind of sad debate going, no real change will take place. The pecking order will stay intact.

  • Doug Carver

    I lost and I lost a lot of respect for Sam Harris is a genius when it comes to God and the universe and stuff like that but he's an idiot when it comes to politics 911 was an inside job retard look it up

  • moresnare

    Wow, as smart as Sam is, he buys into government propaganda. Man, that really, really sucks.

  • Dave Barrowcliffe

    "I haven't thought about what might not be true.." What a twat.

  • Dave Barrowcliffe

    2 'planes, 3 buildings? Round hole in The Pentagon not a 'plane-shaped hole? Are you kiddin' me? Anyone who buys the official 9/11 narrative either has the mind of a child or has wilfully disabled the part of their brain which makes reasonable human beings naturally skeptical.

  • marsnatas 666

    it obviously wasn't flawless

  • Victor Flores

    If Harris believes the official 9/11 story then he is way off on using logical thinking… it's just that if he agreed that the event was a conspiracy then he absolutely doesn't want his reputation to have that attached, pure and simple. Rogan too…. let's be real… few people in limelight will risk their careers over , hey 9/11 was an inside job.