Sam Harris Debates Gad Saad on Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

interesting to get two great minds clash together with differing points of views on the current US election candidates.
gad argues that the issue of islamic terrorism is just too important and is supporting trump more or less solely on that basis, while sam is skeptical of whether or not trump is the answer and prefers the supposedly more safe option of hillary clinton, on sam’s recent podcast with gad saad.

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    I read somewhere that the issue wasn't with the parents and older generations of refugees but their children who fail to see the positives of moving to a new country and escaping their original situation. Even if you screen the refugees, who knows how their opinions will morph in… say 3 years? Again, I'm only 8 minutes into the video so maybe they address this later on.

  • Jason Mendelson

    Islam and illegal immigrstion wont matter if our economy falls apart.

  • Crusader Cat

    Problem: Muslim immigration isnt the only issue. Hispanics believe in speech bans as well

  • macumus

    Sam Harris still thinks Russia hacked the DNC… I am going to write a book about how very smart people can completely characterize, caricaturize and demonize, to think that about someone that half of the country loves and adores while the other half does the same thing is absolutely bizarre- THIS is how we get horrific ideologies and actions.
    Us & Them, and after all we're only ordinary men.

  • Johann Skilton

    The number of commentators who, after listening to these two go to a decent length to justify their positions, judge the whole thing in a few words without giving reasons is baffling.

  • Vegan Gains Carnivore Brother

    love these guys

  • 122388forrest

    Really Sam?? someone dying from an accident or negligence is the same as dying from terrorism. WOW

  • rage05

    65k, not 500k. Get your facts straight Gad!

  • aaronpolitical

    Debates implies disagreement therefore Gad supports Trump. What a fool. To think that Trump would do a good job on ANYTHING, including terrorism, is lunacy. Idiocy on top of lunacy. To think that Trump means anything he says, that he has anything other than the mind of a child, is the same. Gad Saad has proven he's the most idiotic genius in the world, with this debate.

  • BzTruetalk

    Please stop talking about things as if GLOBALIST MORALS or ETHICS come into play. We are ruled in NATIONS. Your global greater good moralities have no sway.

  • Argentarii Homini

    Sam Harris is a fucking idiot.

  • Meta tron

    Why can't Israel or Saudi Arabia help take in refugee?

  • Steven Monash 62

    " I know for a fact – and I hope I'm not being presumptuous".. wtf

  • ElectricQualia

    Remember this?

    “Given a choice between Noam Chomsky and Ben Carson, in terms of the totality of their understanding of what’s happening now in the world, I’d vote for Ben Carson every time, Ben Carson is a dangerously deluded religious imbecile, Ben Carson does not…the fact that he is a candidate for president is a scandal…but at the very least he can be counted on to sort of get this one right. He understands that jihadists are the enemy.” Sam Harris

    He is perfectly willing to be a one issue voter, when he sufficiently hates someone like Chomsky lol