Sam Harris & David Gregory discuss faith

Sam Harris discusses religion and politics with David Gregory.
Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Douglas Murray On Islam

The Islamic Call to Prayer – A Remix

Sam Harris on Orlando and the Response of Trump and Clinton

Religion of Peace Updates

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  • George Gibson

    Which religion in the world today is so backward and primitive in its beliefs that the followers  respond to criticism with death threats, suicide bombings, public executions and the captivity and rape of young women and children.

  • CheepThrillz

    I respect this guy for allowing himself to be challenged on his religious views. Harris' logic is hard to disavow.

  • eonhand8

    I just realized Mr. Smith from the matrix is a regime of neo-nazi's

  • K Dawg

    When people run out of asshole extract they squeeze David Gregory.

  • tarstarkusz

    Why is it evil or bigotry or xenophobia to want Europe to remain European and NOT take in millions of military aged men, most of whom aren't even from Syria and many of whom are illiterate in their own language? Has anyone like Harris sat down and worked out just the cost of housing these people and how Europeans are going to have to pay even more taxes for this? I read that the dental work in Germany alone will run into the 10s of billions of Euros! What percentage of this population were vaccinated? What contagious diseases are being brought into Europe right now? What about invasive species? The US has plenty of invasive species that were simply accidentally brought there during the period when Europeans were moving to the new world. There are many good and non-bigoted reasons to oppose this mass migration.

  • Jared Cooper

    Ive never heard someone so elliquently describe the "I love you man" drug trip so many have had lol

  • jim kaf

    Gregory is a tool's tool. Yet another corporate shill adopting rulguon as a shield crafted of vomit and lies. With Jewdaism in one hand and the broken sword of Press the Meat in the other, who knows what giant ass he may tickle in to submission and kiss to death. Faith Journey = I haven't been able to digest all the stupidity of my religion yet. Keep kissing David, and you can make it back to your TV tabernacle.

  • Kaiter Enless

    Many people talk about how there must be more "honest conversation" – if one was curious what that looked like I would point to this interview.

  • Kieran Kell

    God Harris can make any position convincing.

  • Tippersnore

    Is Gregory now free of MSM taint?

  • mark haas

    So let me get this straight. Harris thinks a demonstrably corrupt politician, or a Socialist/ ex-communist would be better than a multi-billionaire for solving the country's worst debt bubble and imminent economic collapse. Interesting. She put the nation's security at stake with her unsecured e-mails, and fomented most of the last half decade of unrest in the middle east. And she's been endorsed by a President who has literally doubled the U.S. national debt in just eight years. And she's the most qualified? I thought Harris was supposed to be smart.

  • Rob King

    A feeling of "love" that comes from drugs is a wee bit suspect to me.

  • Danne W

    Do drugs kids ;)

  • ‘ fizicks

    Sam did XTC before it was cool haha that;s awesome! Seriously though, great upload!

  • Thunder921

    Poor Sam…

  • memoryhero

    39:09 – This is what burns me more than almost anything. The fact that, in order to speak about my concern for Islamic creep into Europe, I am forced, because most on the left refuse to touch the issue with a barn pole, I am forced into conversations and unpleasant alliance with the only voices remaining: people who have similar views to mine but for reasons I often want nothing to do with, and whose actual xenophobia is percolating just below the veneer of every word. There is a subset on the left who have been utterly abandoned by both the social justice disease and the more sane liberal masses – masses who shamefully refuse to weigh in on the salient religious element in jihadi terrorism.

  • Bill Pete

    sweet dave is back

  • Michael Dziengel

    In my non-stop listening to NPR I heard Krista Tippett dismiss Sam Harris out of hand. Not only is she incredibly boring to the point of tears, she's also ignorant despite years of meaningless conversation with so called spiritual people. I find it amusing.

  • Lisa M

    Ben is so wrong on all his points…painful to listen to him babble on! the interviewer comes off a stupid and unfortunately obtuse.