Sam Harris Brilliantly Decimates A Muslim Apologist

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  • Glenn Wilson

    ISIS practices the purest form of Islam, they are following both the deeds and actions of the Prophet Muhammad.

  • Fa1c0

    you can't be bigoted against an idea. you can only be bigoted against people.

  • JR Nicholson

    How is a world history book never, ever brought out in these discussions about the core principles of Islam?

  • Emusicmix

    Ad Hominem – wikipedia- …ahhh fuck it, just click here 4:12

  • Rex Ablett

    Sam Harris is a brilliant intellectual. Dean-O is a moron!

  • Aedo J

    That meditation shit works, Sam is chill as fuck here and the other guy is getting so wound up.

  • Laptop Menace

    sam harris 5he eater of worlds

  • Talcon

    "I only called you a bigot on Twitter"


  • joe1stofall1st

    deans virtue is so HARD when he says i like that you call carson a bigot ERRHHHHHHHH RAGING VIRTUE

  • LordKellthe1st

    Does someone understand the word Muslim and Comedian in one sentence? Now i know he is lying. There is NOTHING funny about islam.

  • LordKellthe1st

    The quran says it is ok to lie to non-believers (oh and we are cattle). So why trust any word?