Sam Harris and Dave Rubin: Islam, Trump, Hillary, and Free Will (Full Interview)

Sam Harris (author and neuroscientist) joins Dave Rubin for a 2 hour sit down about Islam, Trump, Hillary, Religion, free will, and artificial intelligence.

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Author and Neuroscientist
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  • frankelpadro o

    great interview

  • frankelpadro o

    you are all fucked no matter who wins :-)

  • William Faulkner

    Trumpsters in the comment section think these two contrarian liberals are conservative. They assumed just because Rubin and Harris have anti-Islam views that they hate Muslims…like Trump supporters.

  • gordon Freeman

    the problem with discourse in america (and trust me it's spreading FAST) is that there is no interest in a debate, in comparing opinions and reaching a conclusion, now it's all about finding an angle to make the other person look bad.
    Harris actually said it best in the first interview on this show, he said something along the lines of "if i tweet something against islam people accuse me of being bigoted towards all muslims, when i tweet something against chirstianity, people will say i'm doing that to cover up the fact that i hate muslims"

    what you say doesn't matter really, all that matters if how i can twist things around to make myself look better than you.
    amazing times.

  • jeffrey quinn

    I wish I could barrow Sam Harris's brain for just a week…I would logically and systematically have the most awesome comebacks to all my moronic religious friends…I just suck at it…My GF even deleted me off her FB because I said something like Religious people are Fucking retards…Even though Sam basically says the same thing, he does it in an unflammatory way…

  • gugl acownt

    Dave, you are the shit! I believe what you are doing is incredibly important and It's great to see some one like you and all your supporters who care about REAL DISCUSSIONS!!

  • Alex Henderson

    Holy fuck the Trump trolls in the comment section make my head spin.

  • Laurence Martin

    The pre-pepe days of US politics are interesting.

  • Jordan Smith

    wow, I actually thought of Sylvester Stallone as my last famous name. That blew my mind.

  • Jonathan Fisher

    I enjoyed this talk thoroughly, particularly the part on free will as I have thought a long time on it (obviously not of my own volition) but I had come to conceive of the very argument Sam is speaking about here.

    But I took it one step further (not as a logical conclusion but merely as a secondary interest stemming from my realisation coming from the free will epiphany that Sam Harris articulates well here) and argued that consciousness in the way that we see it as a continuous experience, unique to us, is also an illusion. The best way to demonstrate this concept is to imagine yourself presented with the choice of entering a teleporter that can move one from point A to point B. The mechanics of the machine operate such that you will be broken down into atoms, at location A, and transferred to location B where you will be reconstructed. When deciding to use this machine, you must consider whether the act of being broken down kills off your current iteration of consciousness and, arriving at point B, while the same you in every sense before the teleportation, is no longer truly you in that its a new iteration of consciousness. What i mean to say is will you step into teleporter A and find that you go into a sleep you never awake from while the you at teleport B emerges with the false belief that there has been a continuation of that conscious stream when actual fact there has not been. There is just the illusion for you that you have always existed since you were born and continue to do so. But in actual fact the iteration of consciousness at B was given birth to at that very moment your exact atomic structure was reconfigured at the second terminal.

    This is the spring board into a series of thought experiments I have conceived of and written down (but which I will not transcribe here because of its length) that reveal that this presumption that consciousness is continuous is actually an illusion. If you fear stepping into that teleporter for the reason I set out above then, as a conclusion to my thought experiments, you should also fear going to sleep or even stopping to think for a moment since both these instances are another form of the death and rebirth of consciousness that is presented to us in the teleporter thought experiment.

    If anyone wishes to discuss this idea further with me I am open to it out of my sheer fascination with this concept.

  • A Jax

    One conservative to Dave Rubin, thanks man. Good show. Great person.

  • P HWE

    Astonishing how many intellectuals who are of Jewish or partial jewish origin; Dave Rubin, Milo Yiannopoulos, Sam Harris, Gad Saad, Noam Chomsky, Ben Shapiro etc. Who else?

  • Kamil Cybul

    Hey Dave, you probably don't check your old videos for comments but I'd really love more guests like Sam Harris, I mean philosophers and scientists. Real ones, not like this anti global warming dude who's a self proclaimed philosopher but not really a philosopher. I know you're all about different point of view etc. but most guests are just manipulative morons with an agenda to push, not real thinkers.

  • Kamil Cybul

    I'd love to be able to speak so calmly about all those issues, I ten to get very exited when discussing stuff like that and I don't like it… I'll work on it harder.