Sam Harris 2016 Ted Talk on AI

Video from the June 2016 Ted Talk by Sam Harris
Titled Can we build AI without losing control over it?
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  • Álvaro Lopes

    Thanks for the upload

  • jagara1

    What I consider to be a demagogic, lacking in science and overall poor talk.
    There is just so much about this talk that is unscientific and lacking in hard facts that it is for all intents and purposes – meaningless.
    Sure we can speculate on the upcoming robot apocalypse, but please let's talk facts and what we can do to vitiate it rather than get all 'spooky'.

  • Austin Cook

    sam never really has the posture of a scientist. hes got the posture of someone who just traveled from the future to warn the president of the apocalypse.

  • Mamunur Rashid

    I agree with Sam……..However,AI is unstoppable! We cannot stop it happening….AI is already happening,and speeding up! Human will have to be evolved into AI…

  • Jordan Kimball

    wait wait wait. sam can't understand how this idea isn't palpable when people can't appreciate the danger of global warming thats literally happening right before our eyes

  • Old PC Gaming

    Wow, a Ted Talk that isn't garbage?

  • jan tanjo

    Life is based on diversity, Darwin called it evolution. Without the need for leaders, the ability to lead will be lost, without the need for help, the ability to help will be lost. If you program AI with transparency it will very quickly figure out that getting rid of all that is different will lead to stagnation with no point in existing.

  • Jack Harkness

    Great talk.

  • Winfield Wetherbee

    Please support Sam's work; it's invaluable to our progress.

    Also, we should probably start building our defensive EMP cannons like…now.

  • Devawrat Vidhate

    tit alert…..!

  • sonof hendrix

    Can't be as terrifying as working in a factory, shrink wrapping pallets for the next 30 years just to survive.

  • Celtic Savage

    Sam Harris – The Pessimistic atheist.

  • Sam Chop

    It's difficult to pay attention care of the awe inspired by Sam's intellect