Russell Brand’s Revolution: Interview with Owen Jones – Full Length | Guardian Live

Russell Brand speaks to Guardian columnist Owen Jones about capitalism, democracy and his new book Revolution.
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In the interview Russell Brand says revolution isn’t just possible, but inevitable.
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Russell Brand was speaking at a Guardian Live event at the Emmanuel Centre in London in October. The event, run in partnership with Picturehouse Cinemas, was broadcast live to more than 200 cinemas. Guardian Live is our series of events, debates, interviews and festivals exclusively for Guardian members.
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  • The Hunter

    Two British lunatics.

  • Marina Radusin

    I share his views 100%! The man is well awake!!!

  • Ethan Williams

    Russel the repulsive. The guy is a new level of fem boy disgusting.

  • 176cadbury

    Brand always was an idiot and then he suggested we should all back Ed Milliband – and so lost any credibility he may have had left – but he is still everyone's favourite multi-millionaire, revolutionary anarchist Labour voter.

  • Albert Pike

    Jones is famous for storming off a sky news set when his muslim extremist chums massacred gays.

  • TheScriptLyricVideos


  • NateSpurs

    Capitalism is the problem according to Vivienne Westwood.

    My grandmother used to make gloves for her boss who was contracted to work for VW. My gran made £5 per pair. Her boss £50. Vivienne sold those gloves in her shops for £200.

    You were saying?

  • Vivienne Soan

    Blimey that Russell Bloke is vastly annoying …. Can't watch or listen to him sorry!

  • Shenay Nay

    Revolution is coming !

  • Tony Stinkmetal

    Russell Brand's narcissism obscures any message.