Russell Brand Wants a New Kind of Family

Russell Brand Wants a New Kind of Family

Russell shares his thoughts on starting a family
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  • ItsameAlex

    haven't seen this one

  • Blindgirlscout69

    love him so much

  • Andrew Buchanan

    What a damn stylish SOB! Goodness. fantastic!

  • teri gamble

    consume tourist hour low reality.

  • Sofia George

    How much blow did he do before this interview

  • Scott 70

    fucking cunts.both of them

  • Vanessa Rodriguez


  • aaron murphy

    Russell is my man-crush.

  • Free Psychiatric Advice Fifty Dollars

    Russel's ideal family wouldn't include a mother or sisters. Two fathers, all unrelated brothers from a baby farm. Lots of different colours. All would be drunk/on drugs, and drag queens as well. They'd all raise subsistence level crops in their apartment balcony boxes in his New Utopia, free from any governments, free from any established morality, free of banks and money, electricity, cars and everything else… wonderful stuff… I can't wait…

  • MGTOWGreatestHits

    He's such a slimy smarmy cunt

  • James B

    What's up with the flipped image??

  • Bojan MKD

    Conan can not handle him!

  • ORagnar

    You know, I get the impression Russell Brand is not putting on an act. This is just the way he is. So, he can make money just be being himself. What a deal!

  • Sarah K

    He is so boring! he is trying too much to be funny!

  • j Nakhjo

    poor Conan always seems to have a hard time making celebrity interesting but Russell always comes prepared

  • Cmd Ctrl

    Hands down, most entertaining man alive.

  • Loopey ange

    This must be an old video, because I'm sure I read that Brand is going to be a father?