Russell Brand – Trew World Order

Russell Brand - Trew World Order

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  • WillBendingSteel

    So now you see that you can not trust anybody!! Russel is bought to push forward the new world order!

  • PygeonKilla97

    Trevor Mcdonald has some deep eyes man

  • PJ B

    your a prick

  • Free Psychiatric Advice Fifty Dollars

    The Trew World Order where you'd better like sucking and fucking for some filthy sand monkey or Russell will personally behead you.

  • Viking Dude

    Pmsl XD.. The leg movement joke haha "tripoding through life"

  • Pete Kimura

    Always grand viewing, thanks for the trews bro


    Hey guys I've started making antipolitical music on my youtube channel, i thought you guys may be the crowd to appreciate it! Peace ✌

  • Grimble Grumble

    Russell would make a really great father…

  • paul reynolds

    maybe feed a cat amicat to even out its mood

  • James Cassidy

    I'm always surprised how deadly unfunny, puerile & predictable he can be when he does this type of amazingly weak stand up comedy relying on contrived filth for reactions of nervous / shock / embarrassed laughter, not to mention the cringingly bad worthless movies, whilst The Trews was such important, educational, deeply insightful & intelligent work.

  • Ananda Marga Manchester

    actually nearly wetting myself

  • Nineteen Eighty

    i smoked some weak us fuck million time cut gear i bought from tottenham crt rd a few times when i was a fucking nobody now im never gonna stop prattling on about it.

  • Nahtanoj Zg

    Does russell brand have an email for fans or anything?

  • Manas Joshi


  • se7en


  • David Anderson

    miss you doing talk shows. really miss the trews even more. miss you

  • 24paljim

    Thanks for posting this it was so good.  Laughed my head off. He's a funny guy.