Russell Brand Trew Transformation is Personal Aug 16

Russell Brand The Trews

Personal Transformation
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  • elisabecerra4

    well said. I love you

  • elisabecerra4

    you are a beautiful man!!

  • Annie Logical

    Cop out merchant, card is marked Brand!

  • bandit 1250

    Russell lost most of us after the election mishap in the UK when he said don't vote , and gave excellent reasons as to why one shouldn't. it made perfect sense. Then last minute went flat out for Ed Milliband. Called to arms by his controllers.
    He is fake and is doing this preaching for a reason. A brilliant man called John St Julian, will inform you of everything you need to know about RB.
    I was hooked on the trews. I believed RB was for real.
    I did learn a valuable lesson. you only have yourself to truly
    believe in.
    Don't look for others to lead. Do your own research and be self empowered.

  • KellyTmusically

    great honest truth for me here, in lovely harmony to what I have been learning for many years. Thank you for sharing. I never would have discovered you unless you detached yourself from the greed driven mainstream illusion, lucky me.

  • Giuseppina Tirocchi

    You are doing a great job…

  • Giuseppina Tirocchi

    Beautiful reflections.

  • Kristina Kristina

    thank you

  • Chrissy Cleveland

    Good for you Russell..i was on the same journey…led me where you are right now. We don't have enough love in this world.

  • spy emerson

    love and creativity are the most powerful forces

  • Elizabeth Faraone

    When the majority have developed compassion and non-competitive behavior, we will create a good world.

  • Hub for the Heart

    Such well placed, worthy and thoughtful use of celebrity to share truth, kindness and love. Russell plays a role, unique to this life, I feel: Please keep on serving so very well, my kind, brilliant, and shining brother. So many of us are with you: We are awake; we will stay awake and will no longer fall victim to depleting and diminishing energies within the world.

  • Phia G

    I didn't realise this existed! Welcome back Russell!
    A seeking spirit for the fundamental needs of the universe, an attitude of hope & transformation, truly a good message to share.
    All great stuff. Don't forget that it's okay to offend people if you are campaigning for the greater good (remember the Russell from The Trews is still within). Also thanks for using your celebrity status as a tool of spreading ideas that contribute to the greater good.
    Sorry if I came across as a (patronising) teacher "jolly good job gold star", I used to be one, all I'm saying is good to see you back!

  • Mark Dal

    Nicely put RB!

  • Kristina Gorišek

    Thanks, Russell, for being there. Thanks for acquainting me with Sadhguru. I feel much better since. Much better…:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • John Loa

    Readers are leaders☺