Russell Brand On The Venus Project

Russell Brand is asked his opinion on Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project.

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  • Steve Harper

    Such a powerful concept to a more happy and healthy world.
    ( the count of people, the count of resources, and resource distribution ) Well said!

  • Anon Toto

    Based on the 10 seconds of information he has, he's willing to join a cult? Awesome.

  • The_Wrath_of_Neeson

    I thought economics was universally taught in high school.
    These guys should have paid attention.

  • juleous camper

    there's this video I seen on the periodic table of videos. the chemist in the video about copper went on to explain how there is an average amount of copper associated to every person in developed countries. he said that there is not enough copper on this planet for every human on earth to have the amount associated to a person living in a developed country. so in a resource based economy we would not have this and since we would have to devote the resource to the tech to keep our society running. we would essentially have to live in tiny apartment rooms until we found an abundant source of material we could use for wiring.

  • Tewdy Quew

    A nice program for people all over the world to look forward to!

  • Sudoku Sudoku

    This guy is a german nazi

  • Maxim C.

    Why the FUCK he (Russell) doesn't talk about it yet?!

  • Simon Anderson

    razor sharp this kid

  • Dr.Gavagai

    like to c Jacque talk with Russell , will be interesting

  • solidsnipz

    Thank fuck for this man, been trying to make this man aware of TVP for years to no avail! phew now i can rest.

  • Daniel Gadd

    Not equal share of resources, ! Wrong ! People can access what they need ! It's different