Russell Brand on Howard Stern Show

Russell talking about his new stand-up tour and all else.
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  • Viveka Gondalia

    This interview really made me love Russell, and loathe Howard

  • Brice Andreasson

    because hes entertaining and cuts through the foolish bullshit.

  • Ayda Kay.

    I can't handle! Stern is so ignorant!

  • Salvus967

    Howard Stern seems to be the only man that can contain the energy of Russel Brand. That says a lot for Howard Stern. Why is Howard Stern still a thing? Here is why.

  • Sara Ogle

    Love you Russell Brand!

  • HadenXCharm

    Why is Howard being such a jerk?

  • ivorbigonee

    sorry 2 unfunny cunts

  • ivorbigonee

    unfunny cunt

  • MysteryPuke

    Howard Stern is just an idiot. He thinks everyone is only interested in success and doesn't know about an artist wish to elevate his life through his art and work. Russell dodged hard, because Russell obviously has to know Howard is a full blown idiot.

  • jackattack212

    Howard and Robin were really quite rude to Russell, Impolite and out of order, at times it was like bullying.
    Imagine how thed be if Russell insulted them.

    Russell is too good and intellectual for this show.

    Russell Brand > Howard Stern.

  • ruth martin

    wow a lot of haters on here lol, great interview by the king of all media. for all you haters go watch 60 minutes lol. imo Russell gave a great interview and enjoyed talking to Howard…keep in mind nobobdy forced him to come on the show and its great publicity for him.  for all you Russell lovers he  is joking around with them clearly ….do some research before you judge..there is a reason why he has been interviewing and been on the air for all these years. Russell seem very happy talking to him. perhaps you need to listen to this again. they are laughing and having fun….lighten up! maybe howard is not for you but he has an interviewing style of his own and his guests open up to him and that's what has kept his career going for so many years. if you don't like him don't listen but don't hate..however be real…Russell clearly has no problem with this interview. they have great conversation. lastly he came back and did the show again so he must not have disliked being on the show that much! lol. have a good one.