Russell Brand on How Monarchy Works

Full interview from November 17, 2010

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  • TheJooberjones

    He is either on ecstasy or one out of a billion smoothest most charismatic people ever, so much love and natural intuition comes out of him´╗┐

  • igspal

    Simply LOVE him. ­čśÇ <3 (Like Conan alot also!)´╗┐

  • wayne philips paranormal

    i wonder how many Americans find his humor funny because being British i dont find American comedy funny apart from kat williams and a handful of other black comedians´╗┐

  • David Henderson

    Fortunately they bring more to this country than an incontinent little shit like you Russell´╗┐

  • Reasonable Hater

    Fake laught!´╗┐

  • M1KA3L

    he's shrooming. amazing control.´╗┐

  • wastamo

    Creepy eyes !´╗┐

  • Mixture Tv

    what a nob speaking business, reason why he not in britain.´╗┐

  • Jon Lamonte

    I'm ready for your culture´╗┐

  • MagicalJourney

    He reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence. lol So real, honest and vulnerable.´╗┐

  • Gooners Rule (Goonersrule)

    What's all this shaking the left hand shit´╗┐

  • Anushka Maddumagamage

    Conan 's best look…the beard suits him well´╗┐

  • Lloyd Franklin

    Everyone born in Britain by British parents are in line for the thrown. For me to become King 47 million people have to die or not accept the role.´╗┐