Russell Brand Is Hot For Jennifer Lawrence – CONAN on TBS

Russell Brand Is Hot For Jennifer Lawrence - CONAN on TBS

From Jennifer Lawrence to Teresa Palmer, the “Brand X” host is spellbound by the beauty of Hollywood’s ladies. More CONAN @

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  • TheJooberjones

    I didnt invent the male libido, it was some monkeys in the old days… hahahahaha

  • craiger butcher

    nothing in a skirt would be safe from this man.

  • Priyanka Kulkarni

    That JESUS CHRIST is everything! 

  • Nani Pocchari

    this guy is on all the time

  • Andrew Scott

    Russel such the drug addict

  • Rabin Miguel

    I love how this guy is not afraid of awkwardness. That's a valuable trait I adore, because if you don't fear awkwardness, your conversations are never going to be awkward.

  • LullRund

    I find the Russel guy not funny, and a bit awkward.

  • Monica S

    1. Not funny. 2. Attention seeker. Russell Brand, everyone.

  • HardcoreHamster33

    Russell Brand is just great. XD Never fails to amuse me. lol

  • Hanneli Seirrah

    He's so incredible…

  • saad al

    4:28 Man he killed me ! it is funny cause it is kinda True ! haha xD

  • Tareq Abu shukur

    I envy Russel Brand! He is so living life…

  • SossarHatarSverige

    Dark dirty oily Brits like this bum is the worst, feels like the eastend 100 years ago.

  • Tom Fox

    Most eloquent man

  • warmwxrules

    He's 100% correct on the sexual desires of men. Its not our fault.

  • Mr. Tumor


  • Hookemups

    he has worked out that women love to talk and so he just tells them at 1 million miles an hour what they want to hear.

  • lap19

    This guy is a genius.