Russell Brand Has a Crush on Wendy!

Russell Brand opens up about his past struggle with addiction and confesses that he has a BIG crush on Wendy.
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  • Thai Thach

    Russel Brand is so funny, Wendy couldn't get a word in lol

  • paul butler

    i thought american crowds that cheered at everything ended with that al bundy, married with children show :/

  • Selcouth Entity

    I like how he went and trolled these ignorant people.

  • Shavona Phipps

    she's enjoying the attention lol

  • Moe Kazan

    She's a robot, that's why she can't organically cope with his enthusiasm. Soul sellers tend to have that problem. They don't work in grey areas, only black and white. Her time table is too obvious and Russell sniffed that before showing up.

  • avirup ghosh

    wendy. is afucking. slut. she is. interrupting. a
    Nd. harrasing and. whory. insulting. psychotic. violent . she needs. to be. in. prison.

  • Mme.Tenebrae

    I really like it when he is serious every now and then :)

  • puru

    In another universe in another (probably fat) body, he's being called a creep and bombarded with shouts of sexual harassment from women.

    Women are weird, but I understand why he's so popular among them.

  • Dark Warrior

    He got her wet, what a master

  • wastamo

    CREEP !!!