Russell Brand – Flirting Mashup

Russell Brand flirting with the ladies. Interviewers, guests, cameramen, no one is safe!

Russell Brand on “The View”:
Russell Brand with Fifi Box (First):
Russell Brand with Fifi Box (Second):
Russell Brand with Milla Jovovich:
Russell Brand on Weekend Sunrise:
Russell Brand with Marlena Katene:
Russell Brand on the Graham Norton Show:
Russell Brand’s best moments as Aldous Snow:
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  • Daniel

    Dam, he's Savage.

  • jay bee

    In the last clip is that Katy perry coming In and out the room as he looks
    At someone.

  • Kirsty Michelle

    the two girl's at 47 do my head in they're so annoying

  • Nuno Gonçalo

    who's the blonde next to Milla Jovovich?

  • Patrick Moloney

    Russell Brand is hilarious, intelligent, good looking, a musician, sexual, well-spoken, charming, spiritual. He's a living pussy magnet

  • Lynch Smith

    Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice…

  • M Giles

    lady at 5:35 is thirsty!

  • Danny Kruppa

    he is like jesus and a master flirter at the same time

  • Ryan Morris

    Fifi box is dripping like an egg sandwich.

  • Guig Mohamed Lemin

    the first interview pls??

  • Eddie N

    The man, the myth, the living legend. The Chad Thundercock.

  • Mac Daddy

    jesus i know he must be getting pussy everyday of the week, even though hes sober and is doing great those sex habits are still kicking lol

  • David Norris

    this guy is a god