Russell Brand Flirt – Australian Interview

Russell Brand having some fun during an interview for Australian TV

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  • robert theboss

    8:26 that guy was trying to hit on her for a 6 months and Russel turns up and gets her in 5 minutes

  • 0007nexus

    Bit of Jimmy Saville this is

  • Kaela Carver

    Nobody can withstand that kind of heat if they find the person attractive and I think she did an absolutely impressive job. There were moments where she almost had him questioning himself, you could see. Good job, girl.

  • Outdoor Mirrorist

    live devolving

  • Danny Hart

    I really bet they shagged after the show

  • CW

    What's interviewers name

  • 7071t6

    Maybe next time, you can see shes a massive GOLD Digger, the richer you are the quicker you get a response from a GIRL like her full stop. 🙂 But then Again Lady's like MEN that are in touch with themselves, lol :)

  • James Smith

    It only took him three and a half minutes to break her and she started so well!

  • Iulian Lupulescu

    they boned

  • Carpe Noctem

    "Do you want a grown-up answer?" He was mad at her. Rightfully so. Addiction is a real issue.

  • Laidbacktrout official

    Russell is a fucking master seductionist!

  • 1ranjeeves21

    there is no doubt in my mind that these two fucked after this

  • adda plaster

    Russell Brand is too funny. amazing

  • Harsh Pathak

    fuck i want russell brand to be my guru…he should take up the noble cause of helping us losers get some pussy in our lives…

  • Marcus Pritchard

    Harry Victor lol