Russell Brand charming ladies on The View – Oct 13, 2014

Russell Brand interviewed on The View, Oct 13, 2014
Discusses his new book The Revolution

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  • Jon Snow

    Whoopi sits like a gangsta

  • Rabin Miguel

    I would've liked to see more interaction between Russell and Whoopi. Russell is a clever guy who questions everything and Whoopi is a very wise and sincere person. If done right, they could have a wonderful conversation that dives a bit deeper than just all the jokes and flirting.

  • whataboutredlorry

    All these people calling him a genius are probably fucking stupid. They are taken in by his quotes and use of terminology they may not be familiar with. But the crux of his argument is empty and superficial. He wants a revolution, while encouraging abstaining from voting (and abstaining from violence – which is good). How does he propose this revolution happens? He never really gives a clear answer. The only way is to vote in someone else (which is, of course, difficult. Neither the UK or USA are actually 2 party systems, there are other independents/smaller parties people dont vote for in large #s). Or to stage a coup/occupation. Thats really it. His words are just hopeful empty gestures.

  • Mme.Tenebrae

    Hmm, sounds like it would be really interesting to read that book.

  • ensteffo

    Its kind of crazy that they allow him on TV considering MSM is completely owned by the plutocracy and technically he is advocating communism which is propagated as something bad and evil by the establishment.

  • Clayton Phillips

    I am on board with everything he said.

  • Sergio N.

    He's crazy but smart af

  • Meta Man

    Russel is still an addict, don't get it twisted. He's still addicted to sex even if he denies it. LOL but he does crack me up.

  • David Earthos Gomez

    Russell Brand charming ladies on The View -

  • Sean Parries

    I LOVE HIM !!!

  • TheGooners11

    do we not remember that he dated a Rothschild hes a Fabian

  • TheGooners11


  • Pauline Currens

    Russell brand illuminati

  • Claus Hansen

    Okay this is simpel….. Russell is great—

  • Shah Ghafoori

    Funny but you talk too much

  • leonlim007

    He seems to be advocating for Trump and Sanders – both dun take money from Lobbyists