Russell Brand Brings the Laughs

The hilarious Russell Brand visited Ellen and had everyone laughing. He also shared some details about his past troubles, and what he’s learned.

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  • Le Diabolique

    I wish I had one tenth of confidence. And he pronounces midriff correctly – take note those of you who say 'midrift'.

  • Juan Leon


  • Carpe Noctem

    He's so witty and wise.

  • Lowko

    Russell Brand is my favorite person, ever.

  • 0 Subscribers

    "Yea I really like it" lol

  • Free Psychiatric Advice Fifty Dollars

    "Sienfeld," Everyone Hates Raymond," "Family Guy." American "humour" is absolute garbage. I'm not surprised Yanks find this gibbering drug addict homo amusing. Australians think of him as a chemical soaked pillow biter, ankle grabber and tail gunner. Before the PC Bolsheviks came along "poofter bashing" was a national sport over here. How I miss the good old days.

  • Don Toronto

    He was addicted to drugs but moved on with his life, I am addicted to video games and stuck in my house for a while.

  • InuNaruTail

    Honestly that last part was so well put i am stunned

  • adorable deep

    idk why ppl talk about his soberiety after 8 years.. like, have you not got any better questions about the magic man?

  • WeeeWriter

    There is something very spiritual and deep about him. I think he adds humor and laughter to perhaps make people feel more comfortable about him…..almost like releasing his wit slowly into the conversation without overwhelming and intimidating others. Hmm very intriguing indeed.

  • Firdavs “l0N3lY” Amonov

    1:12 moment just killed me!) xD

  • Nicholas Pacelli

    hey ellen! i put a video up on my youtube channel that id love for you and everyone to watch called "enlightment/music story" thanks:))))

  • michael fitzgerald wazowski
  • Strawhat Ducky

    Fame = not answer?
    Become utterly rich = not too????

    Oh what to do with life! 😮


  • Giermo Gomez

    I think Russell Brand has gone crazy from not having any drugs for 8 years.. The look he made after saying his been clean for 8 years was a look a psychiatric patient would give you