Russell Brand Blasts Donald Trump “BUILD THAT WALL”

Russell Brand – The Trews
Donald Trump – presumptive nominee Republican Party for USA President 2016 election
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  • Charles Michael Sidwell

    "He just comes out of a rich vagina" LOL!!! omg

  • J Brand

    shake that edible butterscotch flavored transgender vibrating girdle baby

  • WarMachine xD

    i think its obvious and im amazed how people cant see it.. donald trump is there just to make sure that theres no other reliable candidates to take the throne other than Hilary. i mean its obvious isn't it? its all staged.
    obama and hilary are in the same team and you know what that team is ? its the people that run america and the people that run america will never change and the picture of america "president" will just keep changing from picture to another and it will always be the same team running the country. simple as that.

  • J Brand

    Trump Fence Company.

  • touch it

    a better discription than bush coylda made of it……..

  • touch it

    shoot that fool shoot that fool

  • touch it

    he started off with a small loan of 30million n he's worked his whole life and now turned it into minus 30million

  • Ilhan H

    Russell, do you not believe in the concept of healthy border? . a door, a fence, walls, they signal boundary..whats wrong with that ?

  • Donald Trump


  • Danny Danko

    Omfg this is funny tho

  • Danny Danko

    Lmfao at how he cannot take this seriously. Us on tbe right know the consequences of that. I once took no sjws seriously.. then they took over

  • Landen Klouser

    fuck this idiot hahaha. trumps gonna build that wall n were gonna keep your dumbass junkie looking ass out :p hahahahahaha

  • David Steel

    shut it russell hes another corrupted liberal. ur a comedian and its hilarious the crap that comes out your mouth! hes another stupid celeb trying to get views

  • OneMove33

    (sarcasm) Oh yeah lets listen to Russel brand the guy who is part of the fabian society a society whose main emblem is a wolf in sheeps clothing….A WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING. Fucking think about it!

  • SoundsOffTheHook

    2:45 Holy Smokes is that Hitman ? Please let it be Hitman !

  • steamgeezer

    All that wanker needs is a swastika tattooed on his forehead and you could mistake him for Charles Manson. I am not falling for the words of a renegade hippie.

  • Clinton

    Doesn't Mexico have a border wall between them and Guatemala?
    Ironically Mexico has a stringent immigration policy! but that's racist- Right?!

  • swingingmonk

    He'd have to build the wall about as thick as two short planks!