Russell Brand – Best Stand Up Comedian Ever

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  • TruthGatherer2013

    36:43 to 37:23 :)

  • Yen Lam

    this guy's like a freak English poodle!
    (Chuck R.777RnR)

  • Monachopsis

    I'm glad I was born within a lifespan of this man. I now have something to believe in and strive for.

  • jaybone23

    Really though, what was he thinking with that hair?  Not since the height of Sunset Strip-era glam metal have we seen such a coif.

  • Collin Hennessy

    This guy is awful. Comedy is supposed to be funny. I see that he's making an effort, but in order to be funny, you need to be able to draw focused attention onto yourself, lead a person/audience's expectations to a certain conclusion, and then abruptly change the direction in which you are leading the person/audience. Comedy and horror are very similar. Laughter and screams are both involuntary reactions to sudden unexpected stimuli.

  • Glenn Edward

    Bet he's gone off obama

  • Krastt Kaypole

    He reminds me of jack sparrow

  • nabeel malik

    He is not funny at all when you compare him world class …

  • Styx

    A delight to hear my native language used with such aplomb! His delivery is so fresh- great timing too! Very funny!

  • RockRiff888

    Nothing more nauseous than Champagne socialists / closet Capitalists …
    The bloke is a world class prick..

  • Jimmy Rustled

    This guy is nothing but an over-rated pretentious twat.

  • wm Sulaiman