Russell Brand – Awakened Man

**Sequel Now out. 21st Century Revolutionary:**

What a privilege it was to edit the words of one of the greatest men of our generation.

Having said that this video is not about Russell Brand at all it is about the message and that message has never been more simple, its LOVE.

I share a lot of the same beliefs with Russell and was inspired to do this project as he says things I feel and in such an open, honest and pure way on media platforms in the public eye.

Trimmed from hours of inspiring, loving and pure truth interviews/talks Russell has been involved in throughout the last year.

I do not own any of the rights to the visual or audio content within this video. It was made as creative project. An expression of newage theories in a somewhat artistic way.

Clint Mansell – The Fountain OST
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  • Mandy Pants

    Russell Brand is the new Jesus

  • Indy felix

    The best part of listening to him, is that he stone sober…..what an inspiration he is to ourselves and the world around us

  • Indy felix

    love this guy..such an old soul, no doubt

  • BoBjAcKnJoE

    wannabe, philosphy bs.

  • jr veiga

    Russell Brand you are an amazing human being! Thank you so much for these videos! :)


    Then Russell MUST be Vegan too. Any one with a higher consciousness can see that clearly. In reality I know that Russell is 100% correct. Glad that Russell is NOW speaking on enlightenment. Sad how humans are so OFF the path of TRUTH. Russell MUST be VEGAN and NOT just vegetarian when DAIRY is the MEAT INDUSTRY HOLOCAUST. Thank WISDOM for the HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS. The ultimate TRUTH!

  • Fern Cabral

    Modern Day Messiah.

    God Blessed Russell Brand with a razor sharp mind and the gift of being able to
    spread the truth.

    Fight the good fight everybody !

  • Goz _

    that music ruins it i can't hear what he says

  • markhenry

    In a way he does look like Jesus. And everything he's saying now is what Jesus was saying 2000 years ago

  • Carla

    he's such an enfp. i like him.

  • Rick Henderson

    pure commen sense

  • Fouad Kurban

    Look at the faces of the people that we are asked to vote for as our leaders!!!!…. LOOK AT THEM! Feel ot with your HEART!…

  • Sharon Bhara

    i love you Russell Brand. waheguru… you and immortal technique need to get together…. #waheguru

  • Amazon Engrave It Online

    Controlled opposition, I'm afraid

  • Christopher Climee

    I have been brain washed as a christian having fear and worry of hell all my life and. Harding gays and any one who did not believe the way I did but I have let that all that go when I found love. and practice. of truth with proof of meditating. I hope that soon my third eye be awaken so I can have better understanding

  • phil

    he's a fabian shill!

  • David Daigle

    Thank you so much for this! Love & Light

  • Clone Protocol

    What a bunch of dull waffle. Done some drugs, read some Icke and new age….

  • Vladimir Noel

    I never like him. but I take my times to watch him now . he very smart and knowledge I want to meet this guy

  • 04dram04

    I wonder how long before the, powers that be, kill him off. Of course it will be from a "drug overdose"