Ross Jeffries: Speed Seduction (1988 to Present) – A Candid Interview

Ross Jeffries – Speed Seduction (1988 to Present)
Dating Sex Relationships Podcast Episode 95 –

This episode includes discussion on:
– Ross’ background and his first book release (05:15)
– Changes over the years in the way Ross delivers his information and advice (07:50)
– Ross’ shift to ‘healing’ men: the journey of the wounded healer and helping men find healthier ways to be attractive to women (09:37)
– Men’s lack of finding community and achieving satisfaction (11:50)
– How Ross views himself as a seducer and teacher, and how to enjoy genuine connection with amazing women to become a better man (14:33)
– Developing the various stages of speed seduction (18:45)
– The biggest struggle for men (and women) today: western culture conflicting information overload (21:13)
– Finding your ‘community’, a lack of male mentorship, and seeking support (24:50)
– Meditating and TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) (29:42)
– How the pickup artist / seduction community can be more helpful to men (33:50)
– Men have a learning problem, not a women problem (36:14)
– Encouraging people to acknowledge, embrace, and reinterpret signals of discomfort (38:10)
– The grounding exercise and how it works to minimize or eliminate various types of anxiety (43:10)
– Did Eric Weber’s book “How to Pick Up Girls” (1971) motivate Ross into teaching about seduction? (47:54)
– Recommendations for great seduction advice and insight (50:46)
– Top three recommendations for guys starting from scratch to improve dating, sex, and relationships in their life (53:30)

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  • A Legend Returns

    I'm at the point where healing is the last thing I give a shit about to be honest. I feel there is nothing to "heal" I want women that's why people direct me to Ross Jeffries not for Buddhist philosophy or healing.

  • 04dram04

    Great interview. Im curious why he doesn't teach nlp patterns much anymore. I have had amazingly best results, when I use his classic hypnotic seduction.

  • Bryan “Ironman” Stark

    I looked on his website to see how much it costs to get some training/coaching/healing work, and I was surprised to see it was several thousand dollars! Yikes! I really wish I could get the healing he's talking about. If you know of any books, tapes etc that he sells or would recommend please post it here.

    I first saw Ross on TV on the Sally Jesse Rafael show in the 90's! I thought he was a genius! And bought his book and later bought Speed Seduction. His material is the best. But, I found that the material could get me laid, I just didn't feel good about it. Ultimately I've come to realize that I want just 1 person, and also more than that, I want to be the best person I can be WITH the best person for me. Sadly that original Speed Seduction course did not focus on the particular goals I had.

    At the moment, I'm still single, not really a better person and very lonely. So my last plea here, I would like to know more about the healing work that Ross is talking about, I need that kind of product. I need help with the damage and injury that I feel.

    Thanks for posting this interview, I'm glad Ross (Paul Ross) is still working in this field and really wish him the best.