Ross Jeffries On Unconditional Acceptance

In this first video of a five part interview with Ross Jeffries, Hayley and Ross talk about unconditional acceptance and how it affects relationships. Subscribe to HayleyQuinnXx:

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    Niiiiice the true OG of the "game"

  • James Armstrong

    Hayley, you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. :)

  • x Hemza

    Is Hayley Quinn your real name???

  • orbitaldildo

    How much money does it take to attract a woman?

  • Ron Hollar

    Well, Haley you know that the last thing an average gent will get from any woman is willingness or friendliness. And that's even more apparent if you approach them. the exception, if you're model material, rich, and an ass. Any one can makeup somewhat for a deficiency in the other, but those three are the requirements. If you don't have these three qualities, get an X-box.

  • Matthew Quigley

    Welp this was awkward

  • Simo Kamli

    i love you

  • Simo Kamli


  • Matthew Scanlon

    Pair of fucking idiots

  • Kirit Kanagalingham

    respect to the legend