Ross Jeffries Mindframe Persuasion DVD 02


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This is the second DVD of Ross Jeffries Mindframe Persuasion.
Look at the entire video about ross Jeffries because is worth it.You can learn a lot of things about women.
If you want the entire COurse,pack,package you can enter on and look there for the Course
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  • Cuban Jankovic

    call me ross. dejan simic at facebook

  • maxxsee

    The Master, they call him.. I now understand why O.o So good!!

  • Aktion123

    As you watch the videos, it becomes totally evident that this guy is an openly shameless narcissist. He asks people to applaud his phrases and calls himself a genius. Donald Trump is mother Theresa compared to this guy.
    There is no measurement of success for all the clever phrases he proposes.
    I'm not questioning the effectiveness of his proposals, I'm simply saying that he doesn't mention any statistics or validation for his claims. So….in the spirit of clever talk, it may be all talk.
    He bragged about his 20 year old girlfriend from Sweden as proof of his seductive powers ("I'm calling Sweden tonight…"). To me, it begs the question "He couldn't date a more convenient person closer to home and further away from being a naive teenager?". Just wondering. I guess any old guy with money can get 10 girlfriends and be calling Thailand every night too. I don't see any merit in this. This guy comes across as a self centered, wise-crack charlatan.

  • Cris Robles


  • Nkosi Guduza

    An inch is as real as a word. Keep Calm And Talk About It. Simply Infiltrating Thought.

  • lachmichweg2

    1st and 2nd dvd are almost the smae

  • Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis

    thanks for the upload!