Ross Jeffries Mindframe Persuasion DVD 01


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Ross Jeffries is talking about Mindframe Persuasion in this first DVD.
Is talking about women and how to treat them to have them near you.
Is talking question from public and answers on every question

Ross Jeffries Mindframe Persuasion DVD 01

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  • Master mind money
  • Aktion123

    This guy has some blind followers who accommodate anything to justify him.Typical cult environment with creatures lacking critical thinking.This message is not for the radical guys who follow him since they are beyond hope.This message is for the curious reader with some brains who thinks this guy looks promising: there is good information in here, but the messenger is so screwed up that it's not worth it in this package. Look somewhere else….

  • Lorenzo Bagnato

    si potrebbe tradurre italiano per favore

  • fruitfulbliss

    Disgusting. This guy is in his 50s and is totally proud of the fact that his girlfriend is 20. What a perverted fucker.

  • The Velvet Voice

    Notice the amount of nlp tie downs he uses. (Closed ended questions that end in "yes") He gets the crowd to say yes so many times, getting them in agreement momentum. Very clever man.

  • Nitty Gritty

    I feel like he's hypnotizing me already

  • Mikey Dunks

    i dont get it. Material was too dense for me to absorb it all. :(

  • Thrasher’s Abattoir

    I need this in Spanish.

  • Adonias pereira da silva

    Great insights

  • jack slack

    Ross should write a book about all of this…!

  • jack slack

    it takes a certain amount of intelligence to realize that Ross is a master of communication, language, and persuasion! the problem is that people of lower intellect watch the video, and naturally can't make sense of it. And so, instead of connecting to deeper level understandings, about certain truths of life, they instead lash out with hostility and contempt. we need not take this seriously though, as it is only a demonstration of their idiocy.

  • Baber Begone

    This is a couple hundred dollars worth of sales hypnosis instruction. Enjoy it and possibly, if you can, learn how to be a better sales person, as well as a better human being.

  • Haste h

    i heard great things about this dude but something tells me i dont like him lol

  • Aktion123

    As you watch the videos, it becomes totally evident that this guy is an openly shameless narcissist. He asks people to applaud his phrases and calls himself a genius. Donald Trump is mother Theresa compared to this guy.
    There is no measurement of success for all the clever phrases he proposes.
    I'm not questioning the effectiveness of his proposals, I'm simply saying that he doesn't mention any statistics or validation for his claims. So….in the spirit of clever talk, it may be all talk.
    He bragged about his 20 year old girlfriend from Sweden as proof of his seductive powers ("I'm calling Sweden tonight…"). To me, it begs the question "He couldn't date a more convenient person closer to home and further away from being a naive teenager?". Just wondering. I guess any old guy with money can get 10 girlfriends and be calling Thailand every night too. I don't see any merit in this. This guy comes across as a self centered, wise-crack charlatan.

  • Jeffrey Deppa

    There is some good stuff in here, but always do a smell test, if it doesn't resonate with you and your intuition, it probably isnt right

  • enator71

    Great presentation content, very poor audio recording. I would NEVER BUY THE CD.

  • Kim Jonsson

    He sneezes and then rubs it in his hands. Gross.

  • Wallee Collins (Wild Card Wallee)

    Finally someone who knows how I think and understands my language