Ross Jeffries Demonstrates Trance With A Beautiful Woman

In this video, Ross Jeffries demonstrates a trance induction on a young lady.

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  • Brian Dickerson

    what is this massage called???!!!??

  • Pedro Luiz

    MM is better

  • Rocky C

    Respect the cock!!!

  • Oscar Malisz

    Biggest faggot and con artist in history

  • hashiyyin school

    I actually used this technique earlier today to get rid of a friends sever depression and anxiety from a bad divorce she was contemplating suicide thanks for all you do ross

  • hashiyyin school

    This is actually not tricking a girl afcs its giving here a gift she will never forget being able to enhance what she feels with just words taking her on an incredible journey the memories she will have for a life time if you think its bad go to your local hypnotist and ask for a blissnosis session 

  • Spud O’Doom


  • Jo Lisa Dukarić (Jo Walsh)

    Ha ha ha this ugly old bastard believes he's a PUA? If he's so good, if any of these retarded PUA's are so good at seduction, why is he wasting his precious "fucking" time "teaching" other pathetic sad cases to "pick up" women? Methinks he was always punching above his weight, received constant rejection, and is having a temper tantrum and woman are the target. Rapey pack of cunts. No wonder they have to try to trick women into being the receptacle for their cheesey dicks. Besides, this ugly old bloke is in seed.

  • Samuraisahsah

    So much of this is bullshit. It's been well documented how even those not normally especially susceptible to hypnosis in a normal scenario, become much more responsive when put in a situation of nervousness or anxiety ie being on stage in front of a pickup seminar comprised of a room of 50 men staring at you. Just pathetic that he feels he's got to resort to this sort of bullshit

  • Harpreet Brar

    You are the man RJ. 

  • Fattest White Guy ever

    RSD > this guy.

  • slyfox pua

    this technique would just make me feel like i was tricking girls rather than picking them up, it may be better than other forms of pick up (i dont know) but i sure as hell know im not sinking this low 

  • ElectricWizard454

    This pua shit is bullshit; we are doomed to go through life as our genetics and social circumstances dictate.

  • Gless2012

    God. I’m green with envy with my friend. He’s actually been alone always. Then again he got a part-time model to inform him she loves him in less than a thirty day period. Just how is that even possible? He informed me he tried the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone attractive told me they loved me… I’ve never seen him so cheerful. Kind of makes me frustrated.

  • killerpriest17

    All anyone has to do is go to their local library and read the endless scores of books on Human Psychology,Psychology of Women/Attraction,NLP,etc…etc…I'm pretty sure that's all most of these PUA guru's did besides,the education at the library is free and endless.

  • yuv veer

    yeah these clips help make it fairly easy to pickup 5 out of 10s but if you want to pickup honeys you have to know your game or you will get crushed check out the free video on PUA66.COM

    The room was deathly quiet. Maybe because I was holding my breath. You know that feeling you get when you know you’re doing something that you shouldn’t be doing but you’re doing it anyway?