Revolution AUDIOBOOK Russell Brand Full Unabridged

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    This was the first book I ever bought directly after seeing Russell speak about his "revolution" idea in a few interviews. Very deep, witty and informative perspective from a millionaire supposedly fighting for the people, but definitely not what I was expecting. Thank you for this upload. It was removed a few times on YT.

  • A Raad

    Thank very much

  • James Lawrence

    cheers Russell read your book and it's inspired the fuck out of me so big hi five to you

  • Christian Westwood

    Self indulgent, narcissist, pseudo intellectual. And shut the fuck up with this spiritual crap. So much drivel, why does he go off topic so much? And the humour does not work on this topic

  • Anton Haq

    Really inspired, Russell articulates beautifully so many observations and thoughts I've had.

  • Daniel Bruce

    I find it very disturbing that there's a Monsanto advertisement during this audio book totally against Monsanto and corrupt establishments. Smh

  • Nydia Baña

    I wish this was a movie.

  • Edvard Bergner

    Russel Brand, you are my soul brother. I have come to arrive at the same conclusions you express in this book through many years of studying and reading books and exploring different spiritual traditions. I could not express it like you did in your book, but you inspired me to try to do it in my way. This message has to be shared with as many people as possible because the developments of our times pose great dangers to all humanity. During the last couple of years, we witnessed an upsurge of nationalism, bigotry and the rise of radicalism in Europe. These events threaten to destroy of whatever remains of a little bit democracy we enjoyed in Europe. People are being misled and I am worried that our resistance movement has never been so disenfranchised like today. I hope more people read your book. I will share it with everyone I know, my friends, my comrades. Peace and Love from Lithuania.