Revolution: An Instruction Manual

Revolution: An Instruction Manual

How to take down a tyrant without firing a shot.
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“The Psychology of Revolution” by Gustave Le Bon –

“From Dictatorship to Democracy” by Gene Sharp:

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  • Gary Slovenskov

    i want to slap you real hard for making this video.

  • Lukáš Dohnal

    I am 23 years old, from Czech Republic (central Europe). There is a need to network locally (or at least pseudo-locally). Feel free to connect with me, especially if you are from Europe (or directly from Czech Republic).

    As has been said, we are in the stage of the ideological warfare. We need to spread the truth, so that more and more people will wake up and say NO. USA are the big player here, and change in other places around the world (like Europe) can and will contribute to change thinking of US citizens, on whose shoulders do the devils stand.

    Make haste. Time is running out.

  • Lord Orio

    wath if there is threat of war like in ukrain after revolution?

  • Tyrin Turner

    Hey guys, just letting you know that the revolution has started. Over and out

  • Terra Sovereign

    One of the best videos ever.

  • Ivan

    That drumming is retarded.

  • J Altenburg

    When are you going to put out new videos?

  • Silicone GamingTM

    I'm starting a revolution in britain, bringing anarcho-socialism to the government. The freedom of the free market to exist, but the essential limits to how greedy the business can get. Also, heavily limited government, police only enforce the capital and major cities, people able to have a fair economy. Join our revolution and fight against the tyrants!

  • Teodor Markov

    Revolution is switching from one pressuring system to another pressuring system. We need Evolution.

  • Eyob Tadessa

    anyone wanna help with Ethiopia?

  • MrGruffy 44

    REVOLUTION NOW! We need a leader to throw off this tyranny. Beware!

    "The iron hand crushed the tyrant's head, and became a tyrant in his stead".–William Blake

  • James Parks
  • Mister Chief

    Just a matter of waiting

  • smallcave

    Many Bernie's supporters will not go with Clinton; 20% of them will admittedly vote for Trump, and maybe more, now that we know about the dirty emails scandal.
    On the other hand, Clinton's supporters will vote for Bernie rather for Trump.
    I think that Bernie should go full tilt with this idea to the convention.

    You're welcome to copy and share this idea if you agree. We may make a difference.

  • Diamond Blade


  • thecotto bro

    Still laughing at Anarcho capitalism